How to work and learn deeply in the New Year?

2022-08-20 0 By

Many people simply believe that concentration is enough to work and learn deeply, as long as they don’t get distracted.Yeah, but the point is how do you not get distracted and focused?There are so many distractions and temptations in life, and our willpower is so weak that it’s easier to know than to focus.The best solution is to incorporate rituals and routines specifically designed to minimize the willpower required to enter and maintain a state of intense focus.Whether you admit it or not, a lot of deep learning and work is boring or even difficult, and programmers don’t think of writing code as composing music.If you want to master a skill, you have to pay for it, in the form of intense study and deliberate practice.There is a popular saying that “everything is the best arrangement”. The probability that a person can meet his favorite job is less than one in 1,000, one in 10,000, and more people are engaged in the “arranged” job.To create a good learning atmosphere, solve the environmental problem is very important to deep learning, why a lot of people love to go to the library to study, learning efficiency is very high in the library, because everyone in the library reading a book learning, there is a strong learning atmosphere, osmosis with you and others to learn, conformity psychology, it’s easy to let you into a state of deep learning.Collective learning environment is the teachers and students together create in the school, a beautiful environment, clean and has a window in the classroom the teacher speaks gushing, students listen with relish, and sometimes quiet to listen, and sometimes heated discussion, the classroom atmosphere is very harmonious, no interference factors of teaching in class, students can enter the depth lectures learning state.Self-study class, we are immersed in preview, review, do homework, who speak, make noise will be stopped immediately, no one in the classroom at will, a positive learning atmosphere.Learn to plan and arrangement, the solution to the problem since learning is the most important thing you face, what time is the time to study, how long it will take at least guarantee of learning, what time is the time for entertainment, try to arrange less time, it is necessary, because of the depth of entertainment for too long can affect learning, clear what time do the stage plan only.For example, by checking off tasks on your to-do list each day, you can often accumulate more deep learning and hours of work over the course of a year if you stick to it and make sure you get them done on a regular basis.Get into the habit of strict internalization, solve the problem of habit good habit make the transition to deep learning and working state of compression resistance to a minimum, enable us to more easily into the state of depth and stay longer, for example, let oneself habit of organized, do things to give yourself full of schedule, every five to ten minutes ahead of schedule, no item has nothing to do with the study on the desk,Form a good living habit and sum up the habit of introspecting. Zeng Zi said, “I meditate on myself three times a day.” Every night before going to bed, I will go over my daily learning in my head, assess my gains and losses, and evaluate whether my deep learning is enough.To reduce dependence on mobile phone and network, solve the problem of addiction mobile phone and Internet is just like a double-edged sword, outside provides a rich life and convenient, and our time is fragmented, weakened our attention and concentration, serious interference with us into the deep learning and work, such as network game, you think about in addition to bring you more adrenaline secretion,What other practical benefits can it offer you?Therefore, in terms of using the Internet at this stage, you should reduce the time of using the Internet, simplify the application of the phone, and make the Internet not affect your life as much as possible.Try to live a day without your phone or the Internet.By focusing on your studies and using your free time to read and exercise, you’ll find that your day without your phone and the Internet can be quite productive. Knowing this, you can reduce your dependence on your phone and the Internet.