He e’s work “The Wrestler” was selected for the online exhibition of “Flying beauty and Building Dreams together”

2022-08-20 0 By

Daily Gansu Network On January 30, lanzhou Evening News reported that recently, China Art Museum (Shanghai Art Museum) specially planned to launch “Beauty flying together build a dream” sports theme art works online exhibition.Our province famous sculptor Mr. He E’s work “the Wrestler” was selected.”The Wrestler” is a Mongolian wrestler whose rugged, focused, masculine, rock-solid poses seem to give the viewer a sense of explosive power, sculpted in detail by Mr. Ho ‘e.Works show self-confidence, courage, indomitable struggle of the Chinese spirit and Olympic spirit.It is reported that the online exhibition of art works is divided into three chapters: “The Fruits of winning”, “the Beauty of competition” and “National Fitness”.Online works are no lack of famous works, such as feng Zikai’s “Pull Together”, Lu Yanshao’s “Ice Sports”, Yu Yunjie’s “Win the Championship” and so on.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Gao Hongmei