With six men at once!A female “master of time management” has been arrested in Zhejiang province

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She is your heart white moonlight you are her a piece of meat on the chopping block jinhua yiwu a 42-year-old woman picking the older middle-aged man dating scams and a half years continuously lied to more than 150000 yuan on August 28, 2021, Mr Danger in a dating agency met Mao Mou, Mao Mou claims to 42, for emotional problems have a divorce, and her ex-husband had no children, want to find someone live together again.After communicating and contact, Mr Yu is very satisfied with MAO Mou, began to associate.MAO mou dresses up dress fashionable, treat people gentleness and considerate, let Gentleman of worry carelessly fall into “gentle trap”.To express good impression and sincerity, Mr Yu answers the requirement of MAO mou for many times, give her cash, buy clothes, buy mobile phone, buy gift, accompany see a doctor, spent 33 thousand yuan to buy things for marriage for its, spent in total more than 100 thousand yuan.During, Mr Yu expresses for many times should visit old person in MAO mou home, MAO mou evasive with all sorts of reason.On December 19, 2021, when Mr. Yu prepared to tie the wedding banquet with MAO mou, MAO mou again with relatives unable to attend, family members do not agree with the reason again.Recall a variety of things that happen during two people association, let Mr. Yu can’t help suspecting.On December 30, Mr Yu finds MAO mou home, verify marriage to MAO mou family, MAO mou lie is uncovered after, refuse to return fraud money, Mr Yu then alarm, handle a case police immediately put on record to launch an investigation.On January 14 this year, the police will suspect MAO summoned to the police station.After inquiry, since last July, MAO mou registered information in a number of matchmaking agencies, packaging himself as a fashionable dress, gentle and considerate professional women, focusing on middle-aged men, using them to look for a suitable partner, and its contacts blind date and take the opportunity to implement fraud.Through the investigation of the police, from July 2021 to December, MAO mou with the same gimmick at the same time and 6 men dating, set up a variety of cheating marriage “trap”, to defraud the other party after the trust of a variety of names to defraud money, fraud a total of more than 150,000 yuan, the proceeds are MAO Mou in life to spend.At present, because MAO mou is suspected of fraud, criminal compulsory measures have been taken by the police according to law, the case is still in further investigation.The police have reminded them to get to know each other’s personal information, marital status and other details in detail during the marriage process, and further verify relevant information if necessary.If the other side for a variety of reasons to ask for money, to be vigilant, careful discrimination, not easily carried away by feelings, let yourself suffer losses.If they discover that they have been cheated in their relationship, the victim should report the fraud to the public security organ in time.Source: Yiwu Public Security duty editor: Zhang Yuan Responsible editor: Hu Birong chief editor: Zhao Jing Final Review: Shen Li, CAI Xiao, Tang Yin, Yu Jie, Tao An sweep code to join the audience alert!left