Wearing protective clothing, hangzhou water workers are also doing volunteer work

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They are nucleic acid test registrants at nucleic acid test sampling sites such as HikVision and Internet of Things industry incubator. In Ginkgo Hui, Zhijiang Community, Puyan Street, Binjiang District, they become takeout workers and express delivery boys.These two days, hangzhou water group Binjiang water company many party members have a variety of identities.Since the evening of January 26, these Party members volunteers have carried out six rounds of voluntary action.Hours News learned that from the early morning of January 27 to the afternoon of January 29, a total of 51 people went to binjiang district to provide on-site services for epidemic prevention and control.Pu Along the streets of the river community ginkgo community in this wave of epidemic, is the key protection area of binjiang area, part of the control area and control area.On the afternoon of January 28, Binjiang Water Company received the unified deployment and instruction of Binjiang District, the first time scheduled four batches of volunteer party members 24 hours on standby, gathered the first group of 10 volunteer party members at 6 o ‘clock in the evening, by the company’s Party secretary, chairman Cui Xianghu personally sent to puyan Street Zhijiang community.Other party volunteers are on standby for 24-hour shifts.After the first batch of party volunteers arrived, they dispersed to the corresponding buildings in Ginkgo Hui and began to work.Someone suddenly lifted several boxes of instant noodles, someone carefully recorded the information of people in and out, someone helped transport all kinds of supplies, and some people to promote the relevant policies of epidemic prevention and control to residents.At 2 o ‘clock this morning, Binjiang water company again received a temporary task, overnight to assist the community to implement the ginkgo hui all personnel nucleic acid testing work.Binjiang Water Company is divided into two roads, one of which is the logistics support group composed of various functional departments and rooms, to fully implement the canteen dining, protective materials and vehicle support and other logistics work.Another route middle-level cadres and party members business backbone a total of 8 people to form a temporary commando, from each city to the staging area.Through the intelligent access control door, inform the residents to go downstairs for nucleic acid testing and do a good job of careful explanation;At the nucleic acid testing site, politely ask each person where the building number carefully register;In the floor, gently knock down the user door has not taken the trouble to persuade remind…From time to time, residents heard a “thank you” ear, community staff also gave a thumbs-up to binjiang Water volunteer party members.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.