“Wang Ye, the Princess is beautiful and fierce” after being reborn to marry a crippled wang Ye, she makes money to raise wang Ye

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If you don’t have enough books recently, you will be happy to see here. The veteran bookworm D Bao is here with three fantastic novels.Like must collect, in case you get lost later!Today D treasure recommend to everyone: “Wang Ye, the princess beauty is also very fierce” after rebirth marry crippled Wang Ye, she make money to raise wang Ye first “Wang’s woman who dare to move” author: Nianhua laugh introduction: he will her imprisoned, warm breath falls: “little thing, still escape not escape?”She was forced to lie down, panic: “not escape, nine huangshu, I was wrong!”Into the pit guide: that only extended to the war Yu Heng in front of the hand, is still so white, tender.Zhan Yu Heng looked at her hand, in my mind, gradually emerged from the scenes buried in the bottom of my heart.The little girl shuttled among the flowers, and the butterflies fell on her, so lovely and moving.Her fundus smile, good enough to make the world pale, her clever big eyes, writing naughty and pure.She was so good, so good that one could not help wanting to pity her…Zhan Yu Heng’s hand finally stretched out and wanted to hold her hand.His eyes met hers, and for a moment he seemed to see the girl deep inside him.Those clever in showing sagacious and mischievous eyes, is not his nine son?”Are you really…Back?”War Yu Heng hand fell in phoenix nine son face, the ugly scar, he seems to care.Phoenix nine son is a bit stunned, what does this mean?Why did the prince look at his eyes, full of pity?But she did not forget, she is phoenix nine son, is that fool nine young lady.Such a shrewd man as the crown prince must not betray himself in front of him.Introduction: Shi Luo wakes up to find that she’s been rejected for the third time, and is now married to a former imperial prince of Kyoto, Tsung-xi Wei.But, now wei small wang Ye seems to mix of the miserable point, identity did not, legs waste, people also gaunt, also a face kenji staring at her, to kill her.Sinkhole Guide: After Shi Luo falls asleep, neighbor Wei Tsung-sei can’t sleep, after all these years he’s been a “loser!”In addition to eating is sleeping, sleep enough during the day, naturally can not sleep at night.The room was bare and bare, smelled faintly musty, and the mice would run out when the lights were turned off.Wei Tsung-xi is thinking about shi-lo’s sudden change, and a bold mouse runs into the middle of the room and looks around unbelievably.Wei Congxi sneered and gave a glance at the mouse: “Are you really Shilo?Or are you trying something else?”The mouse did not answer him, but squeaked.”Even you try to Lord it over me?Huh?”Holding a small stone in her hand, Wei threw it at the mouse and it hit the mouse exactly enough to kill it instantly.Watching the motionless dead mice on the ground, Wei tsung-xi averted her eyes with a sneer….Shilo had a good night’s sleep, and when she woke it was early in the day. She opened her eyes, looked at the old roof, and sighed.Everything is not a dream, she really can not return to the modern.(click below to read for free) the third book “The doctor abandoned princess: father king, the mother have a happy” author: Ye Jianqiang introduction: “Wang Ye, the new emperor regret that Hugh abandoned the princess, kidnapped her, the princess a torch palace burned!”Some ye sneer: “the dog emperor is scheming evil to the princess, pass my command, lead a soldier to biegu palace.””My Lord, the princess beat the princess sent by the neighboring country for marriage!””If the princess hurt her hand, let the neighboring princess pay for her life.”Into the pit guide: leaf maple narrow double eyes, his line of sight looked at the front soft waxen small round son, and then looked to the face of the old man, lip Angle hook up half a smile, “Chen King, it seems that this time we came to the wrong place, this medicine hall on this medical skill also dozen magic doctor’s sign, afraid is you this condition of the people of the hospital can not be treated.”Standing beside the leaf maple is a red demon.It is not too much to describe it.He was beautiful, his eyes picturesque, his red lips as beautiful as fresh blood.A man can be so beautiful that every woman in the world will degrade himself.But unluckily, at the moment the attention of the people in the hospital are in the small group of the body, with, no one found I do not know when the man appeared.Feng Li Chen did not speak, his eyes fixed on the small ball.Tuanzi had his back to him and could not see his face, only vaguely catching sight of his delicate profile.Leaf Maple tutted: “But what’s the relationship between this little guy and the medical cabinet?After all the people we sent, we couldn’t find out who was the owner of the hospital cabinet. Maybe we could use this little guy…”(Click below to read for free) The novel has been shared, do you think it is ok?Welcome to tell D bao in the message area, look forward to your message ~ past period of wonderful content review: “Will men Jiao: General adult a little rough” the battle of the hades, in front of her like a child “and you know” pure love, right collision magic teach, but magic teach the Lord is their own hair small, tangled