Trial zero distance city CPPCC members into yanjiao court to observe the trial

2022-08-19 0 By

Recently, the city CPPCC discussion group (Yanjiao town, high-rise town) part of the CPPCC members into yanjiao court, participate in the audit of the trial and discussion evaluation activities, give full play to the role of democratic supervision of CPPCC members, to achieve the best combination of legal effect and social effect.At 9 a.m., CPPCC members sat in the public gallery in an orderly manner and listened carefully to a dispute over a lease contract presided over by Niu Baowei, head of the Yanjiao court.The committee members supervised pre-trial investigation, cross-examination, focus induction and other judicial links, and also paid attention to Niu’s standard level of court proceedings and trial control ability.After the trial, CPPCC members attended the Yanjiao Court to solicit opinions and suggestions from CPPCC members.At the meeting, CPPCC members fully affirmed and spoke highly of the trial, saying that they had learned legal knowledge and improved their ability to perform duties.At the same time, it also puts forward relevant opinions and suggestions on circuit court, holiday court, judicial trial subsidence, trial information construction and other aspects.After the meeting, the Yanjiao Court sent questionnaires to CPPCC members to solicit opinions from all walks of life and make suggestions for promoting judicial justice.It is an important measure for the people’s courts to promote judicial democracy and achieve judicial fairness that CPPCC members participate in court hearings, perform their duties of participating in and deliberating on state affairs, and effectively promote standards of conduct and high-quality trials.Correspondent: Han Changtong, Ma Hongming, Editor: Li Dan, Supervisor: Meng Xiuxia, Zhou Bingqi