The first shot in the year of the Tiger!Wuyang electric three in 2022 impact 600,000 targets, vowed to be the only industry

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Jinge iron horse, swallow ten thousand miles such as tiger!On February 10, 2022, wuyang Electric SAN, the leading brand in the industry, held a grand groundbreaking ceremony in The Gigafactory of Fengxian County.The uniform staff phalanque shows the new style of tiger tiger, indicating that all wuyang people have been ready to fight a “tough battle”.The journey is long, but struggle.In 2022, Wuyang Electric Sanbi will point to the future with the sword, invincible momentum, write a new chapter of development!Play have ready to the battle of wuyang electricity three in time of peace prepare for war blew a loud horn in the three sector, over the past 2021 years is rocky, rapidly changing, the dramatic changes in raw material and policy environment, wuyang electric three still grow, showing the vigorous momentum of development, the healthy development of the three industries in fresh for the entire electricity, add glory.At the groundbreaking ceremony, Guo started his speech with the word “crisis”, which surprised everyone.Guo said that in the face of excellent results, Wuyang people should not be complacent, but should “see the sage”, and find the gap between excellent enterprises.Guo total a real-life example, wuyang 2021 electric three made a rapid growth in the southwest, the reason behind it is through market research, found that wuyang electric three access products and there is a big gap between the local demand, and there is a gap between the local outstanding product, so after studying, rapid deployment of running fully integral electric drive system of the products,As soon as it was listed, it continued to be popular, bringing very direct sales and customer growth in southwest China.Guo stressed that we should recognize the gap, the gap itself is an opportunity.Mr. Guo encourages the staff of every position to keep alert, sense of mission and sense of honor, so as to jointly create a better Wuyang electric company and become a real first-class enterprise in the industry.Always, in times of peace is the development of the Chinese nation, under the leadership of General Guo, Wuyang electric three can remain alert and rational, not only in the special stage of the start of the New Year to spur all the staff, but also to the whole industry in the transition period to inspire, continue to lead the high-quality development of the navigation industry.In the commencement speech, the word “leading” has also become a high-frequency word of Wuyang Electric Three.In 2022, Wuyang electric rational set annual sales target of 600,000 units, the establishment of this goal reflects that Wuyang electric three after years of precipitation has been in good technology, good products, good service and other aspects of the realization of all-round leadership, ready to accumulate, vowed to do the only industry.As we all know, the current electric vehicle industry is in a critical period of transformation and adjustment. From the current situation, 2022 May become the final year of market division and industrial pattern in the future.So, wuyang electric three started technology, service, product innovation and other areas of comprehensive multiplication of the hard battle in where?Guo also gave the answer in his speech.Technology leadership: In 2022, Meifang Technology Research Center once again broke through the technical ceiling of the industry, the development and test of the 2.0 version of automatic shift technology has been completed, after the completion of delivery to The Wuyang Manufacturing Center, it will be fully on the market to meet users.The core technical achievements marked by the “smart gear 2.0” power system are bound to be the “first shot” of technological breakthroughs in the year of the Tiger!Product leadership: As a pioneer of intelligent production in the industry, Wuyang Gigafactory has first-class production equipment and the most perfect process management in the industry.At present, Wuyang electric three firmly occupy the first position in the sales of high-end models in a number of core markets in the country, in 2022, Wuyang electric three will continue to expand the leading edge of the product, fighting the market annihilation war!Service leading: in the electric tricycle industry, there are very few brands that have a promotion team of more than 100 people and hundreds of luxury configuration of promotion vehicles.Wuyang electric three not only has the industry’s strongest marketing team, and Smith Bang Business School can continuously transport marketing talent, become the industry’s most powerful, the most powerful, the largest channel service fresh force.Summary of the start of the day, Chairman Guo Xilong’s speech can be described as striking, indicating that Wuyang electric three will continue to self-reform through the way to ensure the continuous growth of the enterprise, stimulate the enterprise vitality, continue to move toward the industry first-class enterprises.After years of sales doubled sharply, Wuyang electric three has ushered in the precipitation of self, tamp internal adjustment period, for Wuyang electric three, the speed of growth is important, but the more key is the quality of growth.The past brilliant has become the coordinate of development, 2022 Wuyang electric three has more brilliant waiting to write, bless Wuyang electric three in the new journey, the performance of the rainbow!