Practice “People first, Life first”

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Shufen takes hospitalized patients to blow up balloons to exercise lung function.Years of party: 2 years of employment: Head nurse of respiratory Medicine department of The Ninth Hospital of Ningbo City. Initial feeling: In line with the initial intention of healing the wounded and saving the dying, carrying the mission of protecting life, holding the belief of patients first, making every effort to protect the health of the people.Since mid-May 2021, Shufen has been going to a small village in Cicheng Town, more than 10 kilometers away from the hospital, every other month to replace gastric tubes for people in their 80s.A few years ago, Shufen joined the Internet nursing service team, taking advantage of the rest time, home care for the elderly, to solve the problem of home care patients.In 2021, she provided home care for 47 elderly people.This is the epitome of Shufen’s original aspiration as a young Party member.Over the past five years, What impressed Shufen most was wuhan’s fight against the epidemic.”I joined the PARTY on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19 in Wuhan. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life.”In the photo, Shufen, with her right fist clenched and her eyes fixed, faces the Party flag to make a glorious oath.Shufen’s party years are short, but in the eyes of her colleagues, she has always been strict with herself.Over 20 years of clinical work, from a general nurse to head nurse, she has grown in continuous learning and innovation.With the progress of medicine, nursing is no longer a single care and treatment, but also a diversified role.Shu Fen led the team to create the brand “Comfortable Care”, promote breathing exercise, promote lung rehabilitation, and explore effective nursing management mode, improve the nursing effect.While innovating nursing models and methods, Shufen is committed to extending out-of-hospital nursing services, providing on-site guidance on the use of non-invasive ventilators, and follow-up of discharged patients…Provide in-home care for patients with difficulties.At 5pm on May 15, 2021, the respiratory Department received a request from a family member: gastric tube of an elderly person was accidentally removed.Shu Fen, who was preparing to get together with friends, immediately drove an hour or so from Yinzhou Jiangshan to the small village of Cicheng to reset the gastric tube for the patient.The elderly more than 80 years old, cerebral infarction sequela long sick in bed, rely on nasal feeding to maintain nutrition, nursing has become the most difficult thing for family.At that time, Shufen regularly visited the elderly every month to replace the gastric tube care, adhere to today, so that his family moved.As a result, she has been praised by many patients and family members as a kind and easy-going person, more caring than their own daughter.In the face of his patients’ approval, Schufen is unfazed.She says there is much more to be done.As soldiers on the nursing front, we should always practice such original intention and mission: when we need treatment, we are nurses;In need of warmth, we are relatives;When there is no one to take care of us, we are family.In need of comfort, we are psychologists…Reporter Cheng Xin correspondent Zheng Cheng shi yi Tian