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Read today 1, the world trade organization says the global trade in services is still below the level before the plague 2 on steel products imported from Japan, the United States will tariff quotas, Colombia would be for copper and gold prospecting rights bidding 4 foreign investment projects, Vietnam increase to promote technology transfer 5, 6, Ghana, Indonesia’s economy grew by 3.69% last year plans to rise the freight transportation industry 30%, economic early warning:World trade in services grew by 25 percent year-on-year in the third quarter of 2021, with computers, financial and business services being the main drivers of growth, according to a report released by the World Trade Organization (WTO) on trade in services.In addition, surging freight rates boosted global transport services by 45 per cent year-on-year.The US Department of Commerce announced on February 7 that it will impose tariffs on 1.25 million tons of steel imports from Japan starting April 1, replacing the 25 percent tariff on Steel imports from Japan under section 232.Colombia’s government said it will issue the first tender documents for copper and gold exploration contracts by the end of March, as part of efforts to diversify the mining industry.Vietnam’s prime minister has signed a decision to increase the number of foreign direct investment projects that transfer technology to domestic enterprises by an average of 10 percent by 2025, Vietnam Economy reported recently.Indonesia’s gross domestic product (GDP) will grow 3.69% year-on-year in 2021, the country’s central Bureau of Statistics (CSO) said on Feb 7.Indonesia’s exports are said to have been boosted by a rise in global commodity prices in the fourth quarter.Ghana: Transport industry to raise freight rates By 30% The Ghana Transport Association has decided to raise freight rates by 30% to make up for the recent surge in fuel prices and other costs, reported recently.(source: the Chinese embassy in Ghana economic and commercial counsellor’s office) in zhejiang province zhejiang article introduced 20 measures stimulate the market main body activity on February 7th printing on the article continue to stimulate the market main body energy policy measures twenty notice, focusing on small micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, introduced to promote all-round innovation to create intellectual property such as article 20 policy initiatives.Shanghai (CNS) — The Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Authority on Thursday issued 10 new measures to improve the credit system and support high-quality development of enterprises, based on measures to develop and strengthen market players, in a bid to stimulate the vitality of market players.(Source: “Shanghai Market Supervision” wechat official account)Turkey’s Ministry of Trade has issued a final affirmative anti-dumping review on cold and hot air conditioners from China, maintaining the anti-dumping duty of 56.50% ON a CIF basis for 5 years.South Korea: Lactic acid Bacteria Export Project The South Korean company produces lactic acid bacteria and related products. Its lactic acid bacteria contain 36 kinds of microbiome.The company now plans to export the products to China.Scan the QR code for details (source: Trade and Investment website)”Hualong 1″ by the British general design review China guangdong nuclear group reported on February 7th, the British nuclear regulatory offices and agency issued a joint statement, confirmed that three generation of nuclear power technology in China’s independent “hualong number one” by the British general design review, and on the award design approval confirmation certificate and design acceptability statement.The china-assisted Road 7 rehabilitation project in Cambodia opened to traffic on February 7.The restoration project is located in Jujing Province, Cambodia, and was undertaken by Shanghai Construction Engineering Group Co., LTD.BGI Europe A/S, A wholly-owned subsidiary of BGI, has obtained the European CE certificate for its COVID-19 self-test product, BGI announced today.The visa office of the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand has been closed since February 7 and will resume until further notice.Indonesia’s transport Ministry has announced that it has temporarily banned foreign tourists from entering the country through Jakarta airport in an effort to ease the surge in confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country.Shanghai International Textile and Garment Supply Chain Exhibition Date: June 7-9 venue: Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center Content: textile raw materials, fabrics, accessories, fur coats, fur coats, down jackets, home clothing, etc. Official website: www.shtcexpo.comJME Tianjin International Machine Tool Exhibition Date: June 8-11 Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) Content: metal forming, metal cutting, intelligent factory, grinding tools, machine tool accessories, die casting and casting, etc. Official website: Number of visitors to China Pavilion at World Expo Dubai exceeded 1 million. The number of visitors to China Pavilion at World Expo Dubai exceeded 1 millionTourists around the world are celebrating the Chinese New Year