Chongyang signed 12 projects in the first quarter with a total capital of 5.54 billion yuan

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Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily (Correspondent: Wang Shuqin and Gan Yuan) On February 11th, Chongyang County held a centralized signing ceremony for attracting investment in the first quarter of 2022, signing 12 projects with a total capital of 5.54 billion yuan.Zheng Junhua, secretary of the county Party Committee, attended the ceremony and made a speech. Chongyang will continue to uphold the concept of pro-business, respecting business, valuing business, protecting business and safety business, and do a good job in the spirit of “shopkeepers” for the investment enterprises. We hope that entrepreneurs will make firm investment decisions, speed up the construction process of projects, and truly achieve a win-win situation between government and enterprises.Deputy secretary of the county party committee, County magistrate Xu Wang presided over the signing ceremony.The contract amounts to 5.54 billion yuan and includes 12 projects, including CGN environmental protection Industry, Yingshi (Chongyang) Logistics Integrated Industrial Park, and Kangncui Food and health care R&D, production and sales.Among them, there are 7 industrial projects, 3 cultural and tourism projects, 1 modern trade and logistics project and 1 new energy project.In his speech, Zheng Junhua, on behalf of the Chongyang County Committee and the county government, extended a warm welcome to the entrepreneurs who came to invest and start business.He said that the year of 2021, which has just passed, is extremely extraordinary and not easy. Chongyang insists on breaking the ice to lead the development breakthrough, and adheres to the principle of solid work, hard work and fast work. A number of major projects have been implemented at an accelerated pace, and private investment, industrial investment and technological innovation investment have achieved quantitative and qualitative improvement, providing strong support for promoting high-quality development of Chongyang.Today, Chongyang’s infrastructure is becoming more and more perfect, and the excellent business environment of pro-business, rich business and safe business is becoming more and more mature, and the strong atmosphere of livable, suitable for business and suitable for business has formed.Zheng Junhua said that the signed project covers a wide range of fields, investment intensity, high industrial level, driving potential, chongyang will set off a new round of project construction boom.He requested that the functional departments should vigorously promote the “dian Xiaoer” spirit of “no trouble, call and be ready to return the trust and support of entrepreneurs to Chongyang, increase service efforts, support enterprises to start work quickly, put into production as soon as possible to achieve efficiency.At the same time, I hope entrepreneurs can give full play to the role of business investment, introduce more high-quality enterprises to invest in Chongyang.At last, Zheng junhua sincerely hoped that all entrepreneurs would make firm investment decisions, strengthen communication and accelerate project construction through joint efforts of both sides, so as to truly achieve a win-win situation.Zhao Xianzhi, Huai Xiaojian, Yang Junjun and other entrepreneurs in the speech have said that Chongyang has a good investment environment and business environment, in Chongyang County party committee, the leadership of the county government, the county high awareness of development, strong development atmosphere, superior development environment, they have the confidence to make the enterprise bigger and stronger.