A-failure: A-failure is sleepy in class, and grandma a-failure acts as a wake-up call at the window

2022-08-19 0 By

Hello everyone, welcome to today’s ah-ai-online.As we all know, our ah decline is a famous king of sleepiness, no matter when and where, as long as the upper and lower eyelids fight, ah decline can immediately fall asleep.This is not, today in class, a decline of the eyelids and began to fight, so lie prone on the table began to shout big sleep.But now a failure to sleep in class can not sleep well, because a failure of grandma in order to let a failure to have a good class, but keep in the window!Let’s see!”This day, a decline in class again began to feel sleepy, upper and lower eyelids constantly fighting, finally unable to support lying on the table to sleep.But this time can be different from the past, the failure of the grandmother in order to fail to sleep in class, secretly sentry outside the window.When grandma saw That Ayu was asleep, her hand reached through the window and she was about to grab ayu’s hair.Just then, Grandma pulled hard, thinking he could get up and study.Unexpectedly, ah shuai’s hair was pulled down a piece.Visible pain ah!Wouldn’t that be screaming in pain for a normal person?But who is ah shuai, not only did not shout, but also continued to sleep, as if his hair was not pulled.It is not easy to call the failure to continue class, but before long the failure and can not help but fall asleep.This time grandma finally could not resist, a failure to pull up!Grandma’s strength can be really big, the students around are shocked, grandma really love ah failure.Sure enough, grandmas in the world are all very good and can give a lot for their grandchildren.For more, check out this anime flavored salad dressing