When are you getting married?T-ara Park Hyo-min shows off her figure in a photo.

2022-05-03 0 By

Hyo-min, a member of girl band T-ARA, showed off her sexy body in leggings at a hotel.According to South Korean media, T-Ara member and solo singer Park Hyo-min posted several photos on her Instagram on May 13.Korean entertainment did not know that the news in the photo with a sexy attitude, showing her sexy charm alone.In the public photos, Hyomin, with her long wavy hair, wears a blue and white checked halter top and blue sports leggings, taking a selfie in a corner of the hotel.Korean entertainment circle was not informed, especially xiaomin slender slender, but concave and convex figure, is to make fans enchanted.In addition to the selfie, there is also a photo of Hyomin’s back.With her back to the camera, hyomin shows her stunning curves against the backdrop of blue sky and sea outside the French window.Those who saw the photos were thrilled to see the perfect body without a trace of flab and the apple-bottom gained after exercising.Netizens who saw the photos also left comments saying, “I have a great figure. When will I get married?””So yeon and Jiyeon are getting married, when will Ernie be?” “Wannabe is the number one body,” “I love this body.” “Men and women would love a body like my sister’s.”On the other hand, it was not known to the Korean entertainment industry that Hyo-min continued her music activities with t-Ara, which released a new album “Re: T-Ara” in November last year.Hyo-min is also in the spotlight for her love affair with soccer player Hwang Ui-joo, but she has not commented on it.With t-ARA members Park So-yeon and Park Ji-yeon announcing their marriages to their athletic boyfriends, hyo-min’s relationship with Hwang Ui-joo and its follow-up are drawing attention.