Shun Hexin agriculture: the development of vegetable planting to drive people rich village strong

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Revitalizing industries is a top priority in rural vitalization.Shunhexin Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., LTD., located in Dayang Town, develops vegetable planting through large-scale land transfer, drives the collective and the masses to participate in it, and promotes the realization of people’s wealth and village strong industry in their own development and growth.Spring comes early to many people.At the shunhexin Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co. ‘s planting base, nearby villagers are busy weeding and loosening the soil to ensure a good harvest of cabbage this season and prepare for the next crop of potatoes.It is understood that shun Hexin agriculture is big Sheep town west king community “two district jointly built” in the industrial project.In October 2018, with the completion and settlement of Xiwang Community, the company built steel frame structure large arch shed and simple arch shed in the south of the community, and developed potato, cauliflower, cabbage, cabbage, onion and other vegetable rotation planting.In order to increase the income of the masses, the company reached an agreement with Xiwang Village on employment, prefering to absorb the masses of Xiwang community and employing up to 80 to 100 people during busy farming hours.Zheng Yilan, a resident of Xiwang community in Dayang Town, said, “I have been working here for four years, and my income is 70 to 80 yuan a day. If I am really tired, the boss will give me more money. My annual income is 30 thousand yuan.Shunhexin agricultural early stage mainly planting good management, fast sales of vegetable varieties, fast capital, small risk.In the practice of continuous exploration, the head of the company Xu Min also from vegetable planting “layman” grow into “Tian Xiucai”, in the local play a good demonstration leading role.Big sheep town shun Hexin agricultural science and technology development Co., LTD. Manager Xu Min: “Dry for a long time, accumulated a certain amount of experience, but also some friends to my side to learn, one by one to tell them, in the greenhouse for some guidance.I hope that agriculture can grow a little bit bigger and form a certain scale so that we can develop together.”Relying on the business philosophy of steady and steady progress, Shunhexin agricultural vegetable planting project development momentum is better than a year.Seeing the potential of efficient agriculture, Xiwang village injected capital into the company last year to better drive the income of both villagers and the collective.Xue Yuan, deputy mayor of Dayang Town, said, “We invested 2 million yuan of financial poverty alleviation project funds to develop and expand the company, and the village collective got a fixed annual income of 100,000 yuan, which further consolidated the achievements of poverty alleviation.”Rural industries should be revitalized first.As long as we choose a path based on reality, stick to it, continue to boost industries, and ensure that everyone has a job and every family has an income, the people’s “pockets” will swell and the collective “family bottom” will become thicker.Xue Yuan, deputy mayor of Dayang Town, said, “We insist that professional people do professional work and encourage ‘soil experts’ and’ Tian Xiusai ‘to devote themselves to the development of efficient agricultural industry.As a new type of agricultural operation subject, the company has fully played a leading role in demonstration, providing a model for the development of the town’s agricultural industry that can be used for reference, copy and learn, and can effectively drive the surrounding villages to participate in the development of efficient agriculture.”