Ma Sichun chooses the right play, also can become “flow king”, in “jiang Zhao Dawn” explosive force how strong?

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At the beginning of 2022, a mystery crime drama was quietly launched without announcement. It took a murder case full of twists as the introduction to lead the audience to explore the darkness behind humanity, that is, The Dawn of the River, led by Ma Sichun and Bai Ke.Since its debut, the show has been highly discussed and aired on a single channel, with over 500 million views.Related topics are listed on the hot search list one after another, with a stable score of 7.7 points on Douban. It is a rare high-quality suspense drama recently, among which the audience discusses the acting of the leading actress Ma Sichun the most.Netizen ridicule Ma Sichun chooses the play, can also become the flow king.Li Xiaonan, played by Ma Sichun, works as an agent in a real estate company during the day. At night, she pushes a cart to set up a stall selling fried noodles. It’s hard work, but she works very hard to save money for the down payment to buy a house.Li Xiaonan yearns for flatly light small day, but her husband Su Rui did not give her this opportunity however.On the surface, Su Rui is a professional elite who looks like a human being. He seems to be deeply in love with his plain and fat wife, but in fact, he is a bad gambler who borrows usury and tries to kill his wife to cheat his insurance.In the early stage of the plot, Su Rui pretended to be a good husband in front of others, but secretly attacked Li Xiaonan three times, dosed the milk, hid Li Xiaonan’s asthma medicine, started on the brake, and even took Advantage of Li Xiaonan to visit the river to pay tribute to her sister in advance.Just to cause an accident and get li Xiaonan’s huge insurance money.An accident does happen, but the person who falls into the turbulent river and loses his life is not Li Xiaonan, but Su Rui. The plot begins to turn crazy, and the suspense of the whole story is suddenly filled up.Su Rui died, whether the police or the audience outside the play all the suspicion on the sakuragi, and found that both Su Rui cheating, or loan sharks caught have sakuragi began to trace, and white guest as wangcheng dress feather appears to be a savior, actually behind still have don’t want to let sakuragi knows the secret.Every twist of the story surprises the audience, and every detail sends a chill behind the audience.Ma sichun’s acting skills are the biggest attraction in The film.She plays Li Xiaonan practical and capable, full of ambition, Ma Sichun in the play no makeup and a little fat appearance makes the role more energetic, very consistent with Li Xiaonan to save down payment to work two jobs a day fat set, and her acting is the performance of the role’s psychological every turning point.The triviality of the life lets her helpless, the derailment of the husband and domestic violence let her be dispiriting, then she begins to save oneself, see through su Rui horizontal is in the conspiracy behind huge insurance policy, seek then move next.Ma Sichun is the queen of the golden Horse, in her interpretation, by life smooth edges and angles li Xiaonan broke out in order to survive a huge energy, the audience will no longer discuss Ma Sichun’s makeup and figure, began to focus on her acting.By her husband Su Rui fingering her neck for money, and then play, savage beating Sandra deductive sakuragi is so desperate, she firmly from the beginning to help her husband’s debts through, don’t let go to die let her husband to take money gambling, and after being beaten to the marriage of disillusionment and disappointment of Su Rui, and device to the pain of the dying, can say every expression are doubtful,This is one of the best acting moments of the play.In The film, Wang Cheng, played by Bai Ke, is Li Xiaonan’s old classmate. It seems that he has been helping Li Xiaonan to get rid of the shadow of their marriage because of Li Xiaonan’s care for him in their student days. Many viewers also believe that this is a mutual redemption between the two people in the mire.But li Xiaonan discovers wang Cheng not only hid the woman that sits wheelchair through brother-in-law however in the home, it is to carry oneself to be writing a name to be “disappear pillow side person” article, be aware when the wang Cheng that is a reporter is close to his purpose absolutely not pure, Li Xiaonan is about to fall.Betrayed and used by their most trusted two men, the audience can very clearly perceive the pain of Li Xiaonan’s heart, but also for Ma Sichun’s acting, many netizens think seriously engaged in business although Ma Jie did not restore to her appearance level peak state, but her acting but let the audience.”Jiang Zhao dawn” is not without faults, there are also some audience poking fun at the plot rhythm is too fragile, have the suspicion of water injection, but Sandra acting belies the Jiang Zhao dawn the show some of the flaws, or just because of her acting is good, will only let the role of behavior more reasonable, hope Ma Jie can make career seriously, take good play, strive to get more acting awards!