Just now, Hangzhou Binjiang issued a notice on the orderly start of the enterprise

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Just, hangzhou binjiang area according to the safeguard orderly work plan of the enterprise, for the full implementation of the epidemic, orderly construction principle of “the” general requirements, the outbreak on the premise of strict control, ensure enterprise orderly starts after the Spring Festival, the relevant work notice: one, the basic conditions for sealing centralization, to complete the preparations for the epidemic control zone enterprises after normal work.Enterprises in the sealed and controlled areas shall postpone the commencement of work before the release of the seal.(The scope of enclosed control area and control area shall be subject to binjiang’s release.)After the operation of the enterprise, the elimination shall be carried out every day and records shall be made.If the enterprise is in the original sealed control area, control area and prevention area, it shall carry out comprehensive elimination according to the requirements before starting work (a third party elimination agency can be entrusted for specific implementation).2, implement the main responsibility.Enterprises (park) according to the “on further compaction enterprise (park) the epidemic prevention and control of main body responsibility notice (marina headquarters [2022] no. 2) proof file calls for strengthened during the outbreak of normalized management and construction should be confirmed before the epidemic prevention and control management, epidemic prevention, temperature measuring equipment materials reserves in place, enterprise to measuring temperature of personnel entering and leaving, places, wearing a mask.The enterprise (park) should confirm the stability of the material reserve and supply of the staff canteen, and formulate the plan of eating at different times and sitting apart.(Please refer to the Notice on Further Consolidating The Responsibilities of Enterprises (Parks) for Epidemic Prevention and Control.)Enterprises that produce, operate and store imported goods shall, before starting operations, establish and improve the prevention and control work, such as ledger management, disinfection of goods, regular nucleic acid testing of employees, and protective facilities and equipment, with special personnel in charge, clear procedures and standard operation.To carry out comprehensive preventive disinfection of imported goods, the disinfection operation should have a work plan and must conform to professional operating standards, and make video and process records for reference.The “one list, three accounts” should be implemented, the basic situation of imported goods should be reported in a timely manner, and the entry and exit information account of imported goods, epidemic prevention information account of imported goods and protection information account of relevant employees should be established.(see “a picture is read |” zhejiang province industrial enterprise imports normalized epidemic prevention and control procedures (trial) “, “a picture is read | the mall supermarket imports normalized epidemic prevention and control work in zhejiang province guidance (trial)”, 3 4, personnel management, told staff in advance.The enterprise shall timely inform the employees of the requirements for returning to Hangzhou during the Spring Festival holiday and the control scope of the “Three districts”. After the employees return to Hangzhou, the information of key personnel shall be registered, summarized and verified.In view of hangzhou’s personnel control requirements, in principle, employees in medium-high risk areas, towns and streets should postpone their return to Hangzhou.After returning to Hangzhou, the employees who live in the closed control area or control area should postpone their return to Hangzhou. If they really need to return to Hangzhou, the enterprises should take the main responsibility and ensure the living guarantee such as accommodation for the employees.According to the 46th press conference on THE PREVENTION and control of COVID-19 in Hangzhou on February 2, the policies for returning to Hangzhou after the Spring Festival holiday are as follows: First, people from provinces free of COVID-19 can return to Hangzhou as normal.Second, those returning to Hangzhou from low-risk areas of affected provinces must present negative nucleic acid tests within 48 hours.Third, “14+7” management measures will be implemented for those who come to And return to Hangzhou and are designated as medium-high risk areas.Fourth, the “2+14” management measures, namely negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours and health monitoring within 14 days, will be implemented for people returning to Hangzhou from towns and streets in medium-high risk areas (not within the designated areas) and within the designated areas announced.5. Connect with the community in advance.Enterprises should guide returning employees to connect with the communities where they live in advance, and timely grasp the requirements of the communities on personnel control.(See → Telephone number of Epidemic Prevention and Control Reports of Communities in Binjiang District) 6. Management of employees involved in epidemic disease.The enterprise shall urge its employees to cooperate with the local area to do quarantine medical observation and home health observation, and shall not require employees to conduct company affairs in violation of epidemic prevention requirements.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and network transmission, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.