Flying flower to “thousands of miles”, how many can you recite?

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1. Li-an old hero, costraint.White bones exposed in the wild, thousands of miles without cock crow.What is the Great Wall repeatedly, repeatedly three thousand li.4. I would like to travel thousands of miles and send my son back to my hometown.Mulan’s speech/anonymous 5. Look up at the moon, send love Trinidad light.Midnight four o ‘clock song/anonymous (Northern and Southern Dynasties)6.Xiang Send/He Xun (Southern and Northern Dynasties?7. Travel thousands of miles alone, sleeping seven dishes west.8. To reach long distance, reach a higher level.9. Billows with thousands of miles, where spring river without moon and bright!10. Yuguan to this three thousand li, to send a sound book that can be heard.11. Chao Ci Bai Emperor among the clouds, thousands of miles jiangling day also.Early departure baidi City/Li Bai 12. October three thousand li, lang Travel a few years back.13. Kill a man at ten steps.Xia Ke Xing/Li Bai.14. Looking back at the eagle, thousands of miles of clouds are flat.15. The window contains the thousand autumn snow of Xiling, and the door moors the ship of Dongwu.A sword once served as a million soldiers.In the twilight of the yellow clouds in the daytime, the north wind blowing wild goose snow.Don dayi/Gao Shi in the sleep of a short spring dream, travel thousands of miles south of the Yangtze River.Shannan Mountain north snow clear, thousands of miles of bright moon.20 hometown tonight think thousands of miles, sad temples Ming another year.When the water pattern Jane thought leisurely, thousands of thousands of days in a night off.There are thousands of peach trees in the view of the Mysterious Capital, all of which are planted by Liu Lang.Yuan and ten years from Langzhou called to Beijing Opera to see flowers of the gentleman 23. Ridge trees heavy cover thousands of eyes, river winding like nine ileum.24. The motherland is 3,000 li, and the palace has been deep for twenty years.Palace words/Zhang Hu 25. Wei Guan car refers to thousands of miles, Dongguan acid wind eyes.Li He 26 thousands of miles of orioles sing green reflect red, water village mountain Guo wine flag wind.Jiang Nanchun/Du Mu 27. Sui sui died for this river, thousands of miles lai Tong wave.Solitary clouds and returning birds take thousands of miles of time.29. Who said thousands of miles since today, from the dream as long as pass.30. Autumn wind wanli Lotus country, evening rain Thousands of Xue Li village.Autumn night in the rain in the Xiangjiang River/Tan Yongzhi (932 living in the Five Dynasties)31. Fishing township thousands of miles off the news, everywhere blue clouds empty fly.In the past 40 years, our country has covered 3,000 li of mountains and rivers.Read away, Thousands of miles of yenbo, dusk heavy Chutian wide.Qianzhang Li, long smoke sunset lonely city closed.I wish us a long life, so that we can share the beauty of this graceful moonlight, even miles apart.Swing in the wall outside the wall.Wall outsider, wall beauty smile.A thousand miles of lonely grave, no words desolate.Jiang Chengzi/Su Shi :38. There is no such thing as a thousand-li horse.Home mountain looking back three thousand li, see no wild geese flying in the south.In the North inscription/Zhao Ji 40. Thirty fame and dust, eight thousand li road clouds and the moon.Last night the stifling cold gave way to the stifling cold.Surprised back to a thousand miles of dream, has three more.Forty-three thousand li river east to the sea, five thousand ren mountain skyscrapers.Autumn night will dawn out of the hedge door to welcome the cool feeling of two/Lu YouYan Shan Spring Twilight/Zhang Yu 44. River three thousand li, letter 15.45. Scenery in the North, thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow.Qinyuan Spring snow /1936.246. Sitting on the ground for eighty thousand miles a day, surveying the sky to see one thousand rivers.Send the God of Misery 2 /195847. Thousands of miles to find the old place, the old change a new face.The Head of the Water Tune, Mount Jinggang again, May 1965