Zhou Guchang’s Winter Olympics were amazing (1-19)

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Zhou Guchang’s Winter Olympics dazzles Wan Fang (19) Dazzles Wan Fang (19) Gu Chang’s Winter Olympics dazzles Old ministers every day.Ting Yu speed slide neon chaos eye, love Ling jump fall world.Jing wan Fang Wen/quchan February 18, the Beijing Olympic freestyle skiing field, U GuAiLing, high in 95, 25, is divided into the Chinese sports delegation added a gold medal, this is our country freestyle skiing u-shaped ground top Olympics history 1 gold medal, is GuAiLing 2 gold MEDALS, 3 of the Olympics MEDALS,It is the eighth gold medal and the 14th medal of the Chinese sports delegation in this Winter Olympics.Birth is not a choice, the path of growth and the podium must be a choice.New York outbreak, prolonged life or death;The Great Wall is ten thousand miles long, and Beijing will always be your mother.Ice and snow athletes come on, Gu Ailing come on!February 19, 2022 morning (19)==== author profile ==== Zhou Guchang, retired teacher, pen name a zhou, net name Gu Chang, in June 2017 addicted to the network, in a number of platforms launched the early morning writing heart more than one million words of work, more than 600 issues “dialogue Ji Xiaolan” has been praised by netizens.Principle of life: make friends by heart, write with feeling.Text features: the heart at will, fresh and natural.