Vast V2 won the 2022 German Red Dot Design Award

2022-05-02 0 By

The vast and excellent built-in patent AI visual sensing technology “true AI mobile phone stabilizer” — the vast V2 successfully won the German Red Dot design Award known as the “Oscar of the design industry”.The red dot design award is an international well-known creative design awards, the selection of the standard is very strict, review by independent experts from the world, is recognized as an international creative and design approval logo, is the world’s design awards honor peak, such awards mean product design and quality won the “authoritative attestation”,The winning entries will also serve as a benchmark in the same category.Vast excellence is a national high-tech enterprise deeply engaged in the field of intelligent imaging. It has launched the world’s first mobile phone stabilizer with face tracking, opening the track of intelligent development of handheld stabilizer.The vast V2 which won the red dot award is the continuous innovation results of the vast and excellent promotion of intelligent development road of mobile phone stabilizer.Vast V2 features a built-in AI vision sensing technology with patent camera hardware and custom AI algorithm and can realize automatic human face tracking and gesture recognition, break through the intelligent mobile phone stabilizer industry with restricted by the APP’s limitations, due to its excellent compatibility, compatible with a variety of software and hardware products.Even if a brick or a piece of wood is clamped on the machine, it can be followed by AI, which is really ready to use on the machine.Moreover, the vast V2 AI is not a simple face tracking, but can recognize the user’s body contour, even if the user’s back is to it, it can also follow.The vast excellence V2 also has gesture control shooting function, without touch button, can be operated at a distance: start shooting with one hand than “OK”, extend five fingers, the machine can recognize and close the shooting.The high degree of convenience makes it suitable for emerging video creators and livestreaming users.Owl bionics designed stabilizer head with high AI recognition, fast tracking speed and automatic following, surround light and unique diamond prism to create three adjustable natural soft light, meet the needs of users for different light, improve the quality of video shooting.The iSteady4.0 three-axis physical anti-shake algorithm and the deeply optimized lens FOV design provide accurate visual recognition and provide great freedom for video shooting.In terms of product design, it adopts double laminated integrated design, which not only brings intelligent shooting experience to users, but also ensures small and portable.The product can be used in a variety of modes, including handheld shooting, and is easy to fold.Ergonomic handles are made of leather texture to provide users with a relaxed grip.The 263G’s weight makes the product an ideal tool for creating online video.The vast and outstanding innovation, continue to uphold the “intelligent technology into high-quality image shooting, so that people more pleasant and freely record and share every beautiful moment in life” brand mission, to provide users with more valuable intelligent image shooting experience.The vast V2 won the 2022 German “Red Dot Design Award” and was recognized by the international market.In the future, The vast excellence will continue to “take the user thinking as the cornerstone, the core innovation as the self-drive, to provide users with value experience”.The vast Excellence Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in shenzhen in 2014, is committed to high-performance intelligent image stabilization system products, is a set of independent innovation research and development, production and marketing as one of the national high-tech enterprises.The pursuit of the ultimate experience of user-type innovation, to provide performance, excellent experience of revolutionary intelligent image products.It has successfully launched a number of stabilizer products for smart image terminal devices, such as mobile phones, motion cameras, and professional SLR cameras. The products have been sold in more than 50 countries around the world and have been firmly listed on amazon and other sites.