The game went off without a hitch, and don’t forget these behind-the-scenes heroes

2022-05-02 0 By

The women’s freestyle ski slopestyle qualification started at 10:00 a.m. yesterday, which was delayed a day due to heavy snow.The competition started smoothly, thanks to the partners of the venue security team.For details, listen to our reporter Qi Liangbo: at 10:00 am yesterday (14th), the women’s freestyle ski slopestyle qualification officially started due to the snow delay of one day.In the Zhangjiakou Area of genting Ski Park, 26 players appeared, including China’s Gu Ailing, who just won her first gold medal of the Olympic Games, as well as talented Estonian girl Siirdaru and Norway’s Kiri.After two rounds, the top 12 players advance to the tournament.The players also gave us a wonderful competition!On 12th and 13th, it snowed in Zhangjiakou for two consecutive days. The venue security team’s silent efforts ensured that the competition could be held smoothly. Zhang Nan, the track director of Genting Venue Kunshandi Operation Park, introduced that the venue security team was always on standby.Li Bingzhong, a member of genting stadium support team, said that the team should follow the snow, whether it is late at night or early in the morning.At night in Chongli, where the temperature is over 20 degrees below zero, the snow clearing team had to overcome all kinds of difficulties.Slopestyle obstacle course has props area, platform area and other areas, the team should be careful in the process of clearing snow, to provide the best guarantee service for the event.