Taibai jiro was hit in the face, the first pass heavy spanking 100 stick almost let them waste!

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The first pass heavy spanking 100 bar almost let too white and Erlang god waste!In this ordinary day, xiaobian to bring you an unusual story.Is by our hero dragon in the temple and the gods between the fun, I hope to give you in the spare time to bring a little joy!The new story is about to set sail, everyone and xiaobian set off together!Taibai jiro was hit in the face, the first pass heavy spanking 100 stick almost let them waste!Erlang God put big talk, said these tests are trivial!But when they saw the guard in the first level holding a mace that big and saying he was going to get a hundred spanks, he was blindsided!People are sure to die!Didn’t find the guard so easy, said they were allowed to find a cushion!Can you put something on it?That too white and Erlang god that magic weapon is much!Too white took out his golden turtle cover!Erlang god is out of his iron cloth shirt, said let the dragon when the time can not get cold feet ow!So too white hungry Erlang god were heavily beaten one hundred big stick!The two people that have a magic weapon are all dozen do not form, and too white feel he does not press a rule, obviously say is spank, result is whole body all dozen!Erlang god said in order to see the fairy, the pain is worth it!But the dragon look like they do not want to participate in the… but Erlang god they also want to let the dragon beaten, so deliberately provoked him, did not expect the last clown is their own!The dragon told the guards to use them, so they got another 100!This cartoon ends here, so be sure to leave a line for everything!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the student cartoon Taibai in order to enjoy their own news, Erlang god home to seal!I can’t believe he’s not even home to see the chrysanthemum fairy.A year’s salary for a higher deity!