Listen to flower wine: the most expensive bottle of 60 thousand yuan, can buy 40 bottles of flying Maotai, where god wine?

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Anyone who has been paying close attention to the Chinese women’s soccer Tournament in Asia will have noticed a 60-second commercial for baijiu, a little-known but surprisingly expensive liquor that costs up to 60,000 yuan a bottle.The factory price is less than 1,000 yuan, and the market price is 1,500 yuan. One bottle of such sky-high wine can buy 40 bottles of Moutai. Netizens exclaim that if you drink such wine, can you really live to be 200 years old?This wine is made by Qinghai Spring Wine industry.The best bottle of tandao costs 60,000 yuan a bottle, and even entry-level tandao costs 3,000 yuan a bottle online.The designer is Zhang Xuefeng, chairman of Qinghai Spring Wine.Zhang xuefeng said that this is a wine that Lao Jun asked him to research out of a dream.At that time he was resting in the laboratory, suddenly the Emperor wrote a movable type on his hand.There was water on the left side and a tongue on the right side. He immediately realized saliva and asked the following staff to get all the research materials about saliva, and finally developed the listening flower wine.Online articles about how drinking this wine can help you keep fit, strengthen your penis, improve your immunity and improve your sleep flooded in, promoting the wine.How did this wine sell for such a high price?Zhang xuefeng explained that, on the basis of the traditional wine making process, they have adopted a proprietary process to control the wine, so that people drink not so hot and uncomfortable, soft and cool is the characteristics of this wine.Have to admire Zhang Xuefeng this sichuan University master’s student in product propaganda packaging profound attains, can be said to be a school of its own, this operation is actually just a lie.Qinghai Spring, a company controlled by Zhang, was originally a manufacturer of cordyceps medicaments. It went public in 2014 through a backdoor listing. Selling cordyceps powder also increased Zhang’s fortune, but it was soon suspected by counterfeits that his cordyceps medicaments were not as effective as they claimed.The pillar industry of Qinghai spring cordyceps sinensis is selling well, which forces Zhang Xuefeng to turn to high-end liquor. Listening to flower wine has become a life-saving straw for this enterprise, which has crazy hit advertising costs blown out of the sky-high liquor.It is only three years since the company turned from caterpillar fungus to wine making, and they have only produced a baijiu product before that.Is this wine worth it? We should know!