Jiakang uses “Heart” products to “speak for health”

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Jiakangli company is a long-term commitment to scientific and technological innovation, research and development and production of natural health products and pay attention to environmental protection multinational enterprises.Its founder, Dr. Joseph Garconley, was a great scientist, philosopher and entrepreneur of the 20th century.In 1915, Dr. Garconly developed his first multivitamin and mineral tablet, which laid the foundation for the comprehensive application of multivitamins and minerals.In order to provide help for more people’s health, in 1956, Dr. Carconley founded the Carconley Company in the United States, so that his long-term research results in human life science can help everyone who needs health.With the belief that “the best way to predict the future is to create the future”, Dr. Carconley led the company out of a technological first, independent innovation development road.Innovation is the only way for enterprises to seek development.The research team of Jiakangli has more than 70 scientists, who are experts in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, microbiology, toxicology, nutrition, packaging materials and other aspects, and have rich achievements.Carconly has long worked with scientists from prestigious research institutions and medical schools in the world, including Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, Nobel Prize winner in medicine.The primary social responsibility of an enterprise is to provide high quality, safe and practical products to the society.Over the past 66 years, Jiakangli has transformed every scientific research innovation into practical products for the benefit of mankind, and continuously dedicated scientific wisdom and high-quality practical products for human health, including nutritional supplements, weight control products, environmental cleaning household products and hundreds of healthy products.Quality first, never compromise, is the motto of Jiakangli to fulfill corporate social responsibility for decades.Quality determines whether the product fully embodies the concept, elements and effectiveness of the original results.With the rapid development of China’s Internet technology application, Jiaconli China is now under the leadership of General Manager Ran Yongfu, advancing with The Times, vigorously promote digital marketing, improve the level and service of the company’s platform system.We strive to make more people pay attention to health, develop healthy living habits and cherish precious life through the practical action of “better life for health”.Jia Kangli with the help of digital upgrade of the track, health products to achieve the explosion.In order to match the market development trend of digital marketing, Jiakangli has accelerated the pace of scientific and technological innovation, seeking innovation and change, taking product as king.And quality assurance is jiakangli product confidence and support the healthy development of the market has always been consistent adherence.In the product blueprint of General manager Ran Yongfu: “We will put more emphasis on the customer side, to accurately position and add our products.For example, according to the season, we will have different seasonal products in spring, summer, autumn and winter.By gender, we have products for men and women;According to the age, we will also have products for children, teenagers, middle aged people and so on.”Following the success of its star product VIVIX, Carconley has launched a number of new products in recent years.In November 2021, Caconley launched the upgraded version of Omega 3 fish oil fudge in China.This fish oil products from Norway, the original import;The use of Jiakangli patent emulsification technology, which is the combination of DHA water and oil of the international advanced production technology innovation, so that the nutritional ingredients are better absorbed and utilized, no fishy taste after chewing the mouth;High content of active ingredients, 1.6 grams of single jelly, containing 250 mg DHA+50 mg EPA;Separate aluminum foil packaging, airtight oxidation, sun protection, moisture, easy to keep, easy to carry.Jiakangli upgraded version of omega 3 fish oil fudge after the listing of omega 3 fish oil fudge caused a round of buying upsurge, the next month jumped to Jiakangli product sales list second, second only to Jiakangli products VIVIX.This time the success of the new listing, greatly excited jia Kangli Chinese market.On March 8, 2022, A new coenzyme Q10 was launched by Carconley through a fashionable and novel digital live broadcasting method.This is a blue hat product approved by the State Administration for Market Regulation.All natural ingredients, the use of patented microbial fermentation extraction (Chinese invention patent No. : 201410857023.4), the extraction of natural Q10, has high activity and high nutritional efficiency;The high-content compound formula of vitamin Q+ vitamin E is adopted, each pill contains 35mg coenzyme Q10 and 24mg vitamin E, which synergistically complement each other and improve the effect;Easy to digest the soft capsule design rich in olive oil, to ensure the full release of effective ingredients, improve the absorption and utilization of coenzyme Q10.Coenzyme Q10 coenzyme Q10 is commonly known as the heart engine.Jiakangli Coenzyme Q10 E soft capsule tailored for the Chinese market, follow the “National Food and Drug Administration xu [2009] no. 556” standard, whether in the formula or content are more suitable for the health needs of the people, is a quality assurance, use more peace of mind good products.When you have family responsibilities or personal values;When you face the fast pace of work and life, in the face of fatigue and pressure, facing some “overwhelmed” moment, conley coenzyme Q10 vitamin E soft capsules can give you help, help you to relieve the discomfort of heart, to provide “enough force, enough trouble” solution, with adequate components, sufficient effect formula be your rely on, help you break through the health problems.Research and development and production are the cornerstone of the survival of an enterprise. To launch high-quality products in a planned way is the best way for an enterprise to empower the market.The launch of new products has once again condensed the wisdom of Jiakangli scientists and has a strict quality assurance of Jiakangli.As a natural nutrition company with a long history, Caconley’s products have helped tens of millions of families live better and healthier lives.Carconley with “heart” products actively create and embrace a healthy future, so that the spirit of scientific and technological innovation can continue and continue to be strong.”Sound sound for a better life” as the brand concept of Jiakangli, is the brand to Chinese consumers pious and good wishes!