In recent years, many 985 universities have stopped recruiting master’s degree students in some majors, and the proportion of professional master’s degree students is expanding

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Perhaps many students have not made clear the relationship between master of Science, professional master and “incomplete”.So let’s start with a brief introduction to these three types of postgraduate students.As a matter of fact, from the beginning of graduate enrollment, both the birth of full-time master’s degree and the birth of “part-time” are corresponding to the reform of graduate enrollment.In addition, this reform also has certain reasons and background.For example, the birth of “professional graduate students” has been affected by the expansion of undergraduate enrollment and the global economic crisis, resulting in employment difficulties.In order to prevent the continuous decline of quality caused by the expansion of academic postgraduate scale, the reform direction of professional postgraduate is as follows.Since 2009, professional graduate students have been able to enroll large numbers of students.Today, professional graduate students make up half of all graduate students.However, the number of professional masters in China is still not enough, as in some western developed countries, professional masters will account for 70 to 80 percent of the total number of graduate students.At the beginning of enrollment, there were many questions, like “incomplete” today, but as enrollment increased, so did its recognition and value.Today, there is no difference between professional and academic masters in terms of employment, but the focus of training is different.Academic masters are used for academic research, while professional masters are used for applied employment.The so-called “part-time” graduate students are created on the basis of professional graduate students.Therefore, to be exact, “disabled” is subordinate to professional graduate students, but the cultivation method is different.The “incomplete” reform also has some reasons and background, mainly to broaden the training channels of high-level talents and better serve the needs of socialist modernization.At the same time, we should also improve the training quality of the former on-the-job postgraduates.However, the training system of many universities is not perfect since the first unified national examination for part-time postgraduate students in 2017.In addition, the time is short, do not know people and the previous “on-the-job postgraduate”, “application”, “self-study examination” and “adult examination” confusion, resulting in a decline in social recognition.I once saw a student complain about “incompleteness” and “often ask part-time graduate students whether they can spend money or pay by credit card”.However, we also believe that the situation will certainly improve over time with the increasing number of “part-time” graduate students.Because there is a tendency for academic graduate students to decrease (stop enrolling), expand professional graduate enrollment, and then move to “incomplete”.Is it a trend to reduce master’s enrollment and shift full-time master’s students to “part-time”?I’m sure that students who take the GRADUATE School Entrance Exam can clearly feel this.In fact, the contraction began in 2009, and it is a gradual process.Nowadays, many majors no longer recruit master’s students, but start to pay attention to master’s students, especially some majors that emphasize application and practice.Moreover, the reform has not stopped.Many universities, for example, have cancelled postgraduate enrollment.For example, the School of Software at Fudan University will no longer recruit graduate students with degrees.Sichuan University and Fuzhou University have also suspended enrollment of master’s degrees in psychology and information science.The School of Economics at Fudan University will no longer recruit postgraduates with degrees.The release of this news has also aroused heated discussion among many people.”This kind of reform finally moves the university in the right direction,” said one..Someone said, “Fudan University doesn’t have a master’s degree, so what about those universities that are not as good as Fudan?”As a leader in the domestic financial industry, Fudan University finance may also be a weathervane.I believe that more and more universities are likely to reform in this direction.Eliminate academic graduate enrollment and focus on professional graduate enrollment.At the same time, some majors even stopped recruiting professional graduate students and only recruited “part-time graduate students”.In other words, full-time is also moving towards the “part-time” reform.For example, many universities will abolish full-time enrollment.Wuhan University, for example, will no longer recruit full-time accounting majors and master’s degrees, but only “part-time.”For example, Chang ‘an University, Sichuan University, Harbin Institute of Technology and other universities.In addition, some majors, such as applied psychology and journalism and communication, have also started accepting only “part-time graduate students.”At Central China Normal University, for example, applied psychology only recruits “disabled students”.It can be seen that the reform of graduate enrollment has become a trend.Not only will the proportion of graduate students continue to be squeezed, but also full-time graduate students in some majors will be squeezed, making more and more applied majors move toward “part-time” reform.In this way, it may also be to better adapt to market demand and promote employment.Finally, I will give you some advice on how to choose “master’s degree, professional master’s degree and part-time job”.How to choose “Master, Professional master and Part-time job”?First of all, I would like to remind you that you must carefully read the latest Master’s Admissions Guide and Major Catalogue (published every September), otherwise you may have been trying for a long time and people will just cancel the admissions.Isn’t a blind man wasting wax by lighting a lamp?Second, you should clearly consider your motivation for taking the GRADUATE Entrance exam as soon as possible.If you really want to follow the path of scientific research and pursue a PhD after graduation, you must choose a master’s degree.If you just want to get a master’s degree and get a job, you can study for a master’s degree and a professional master’s degree.That’s a good choice.After all, professional master’s degrees are expensive and don’t require dorm room assignments, so graduate study is expensive.If you are a recent graduate and have not yet found a job, it is recommended not to choose “incomplete”, even if you transfer, you should consider it carefully.If you already have a stable job and need to improve your education, incomplete is for you, cost-effective and increasingly valuable.Most importantly, it is still dual certificate.The above analysis of postgraduate education reform, as well as simple popular science and selection suggestions for master’s degree, professional master’s degree and “disability”, I hope it will be helpful to you.Thank you for reading.If you like this post, like it and retweet it!