Yangxin County Zhai Wang town to strengthen monitoring strictly the quality of vegetables

2022-05-01 0 By

In order to seriously implement the spirit of the county food and drug safety inspection and rectification work conference, comprehensively improve the quality and safety level of agricultural products, Zhai Wang Town Yangxin County actively carry out agricultural product quality and safety testing work, escort the quality and safety of agricultural products.Recently, Zhai Wang town actively invited county agriculture and rural bureau quality inspection section technical personnel to town to guide the quality and safety of agricultural products, and testing and debugging of agricultural products monitoring equipment, to ensure that the process steps are more optimized, detection operation is more efficient, and the provincial agricultural product quality traceability platform to achieve seamless docking.Then to the South Chen green edge vegetable planting professional cooperatives, Wei Wei grand vegetable planting professional cooperatives for sampling.On the spot, the staff gives each kind of vegetable sample to label, fills in the sample sheet, and verifies the information with the vegetable farmer, strictly passes the vegetable quality, forbids unqualified agricultural products to flow to the market.In the next step, Zhai Wang Town will continue to strengthen the risk prevention and control of agricultural products safety, improve the construction of township standard stations, village-level grid supervision services and other content, and do a good job in the quality and safety testing of agricultural products to ensure the high quality and safety of all kinds of vegetables in the town.