Why moutai’s “precious wine” with the same technology can’t leave Guizhou?Netizen: not as good as Maotai advertisement

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Why can’t “precious liquor” with the same craftsmanship as Maotai come out of Guizhou Province?It is best not to have maotai AD says to liquor, will think of maotai, now, the development of maotai is becoming more and more good, like, zhongtian, maotai liquor has become the world’s top three companies, I have left the country to the world, maotai also represents our country liquor culture at the same time, however, not many alcoholic drink domestic maotai.First, the price of Moutai is too high; second, the production of Moutai is very limited, so it is impossible to take it off. In fact, in the 1970s, there was such a brand, the purpose of which was to make Moutai taste, and to make Miso liquor that ordinary consumers could drink. It is a rare liquor in Guizhou.Moutai is a Miso liquor. The production cycle of Miso liquor is as long as one year, so the output is limited and the price is very high. At that time, guizhou province’s precious liquor was born.Brewed wine follows the brewing techniques of maotai, 1:1 reduction after more than 10 years of trying, finally achieved the national recognition based on maotai taste, Yu Shizhen wine to the market, because it is low-end consumer, the positioning of the so and maotai are quite different, so the late operation respectively, but, in common sense, good quality low prices, more quickly and easy to get out of the market,It’s easier to get out of the country.In fact, on the contrary, Jane wine but not out of guizhou, guizhou maotai is not only out of the, also to the world, to this, netizens question, many netizens pointed out that advertising is inferior to maotai, speaking of maotai advertising, I know the China central television (CCTV) won the bid, famous, but the price of maotai is very high, so high profit, CCTV’s bid also have enough money.However, gin originally took the route of low-end consumers, therefore, that interest is not as high as Maotai, which is not enough to invest in the advertising platform, economic basis determines the superstructure, zhenjiu capital accumulation is still too slow!So that propaganda is not as good as Maotai!In fact, another reason is that Zhenjiu built its factory in Zunyi, while Maotai built its factory in Maotai.So their raw material is different, maotai town is known to have had the advantage of natural brewing, natural water, not only have a general and local high-quality sorghum, wheat, but, in fact Jane wine taste is very good, no matter how to say it is made of technology like maotai, many brewmaster originally maotai the original factory, therefore, Jane wine taste is very authentic taste,Miso has a strong flavor and a strong mouth, and the price is very favorable. Therefore, It is also very suitable for collection. After several years of aging, it really tastes like Maotai.In fact, in addition to the wine, there is another kind of wine is also good quality wine, but, because of poor advertising, it is forgotten, baishui Dukang, baishui Dukang is a luzhou-flavor liquor from Baishui County, Shaanxi Province.Baishui county is also a good place to make wine, wine ancestor Du Kang also round and round, selected Baishui County wine, Baishui Dukang is also a Chinese time-honored brand of millennium culture.Du Kang winemaking craft inherited, joined the modern winemaking craft, brewing the white water Du Kang as wine, wine fragrance, refreshing into the throat, sweet cotton refreshing!Baishui Dukang also maintains a high price ratio for a long time. Its price is more than ten yuan a bottle, but its quality is equivalent to 100 yuan baijiu.Many local wine friends are very like baishui Dukang, is also the local food wine, but out of Shaanxi Province, not famous, but really good wine, worth a taste!Why can’t the “precious wine” with the same craft as Maotai come out of Guizhou province? What do you think is the reason? Welcome to leave a comment!