Why are the post-90s so afraid of Chinese New Year?

2022-05-01 0 By

Visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival is a tradition in China, but I don’t know when to start, visiting during the Spring Festival has become a nightmare for the contemporary post-90s, and even many post-90s said they would rather go home all the time or do not want to go home.What’s going on here?I think the first reason is social phobia. There are a lot of people in the post-90s who are more or less social phobia. If you let them visit friends and relatives, it makes almost no difference if you let them go to public execution.Awkward age, after was followed rates rates after now in the period of the contradiction of career, marriage, family, a successful career might not have a family, a family may cause is not improving, even if love career double harvest again into the child’s problems, when to have children, children education problems, very few rates after the some aspects are relatively well,Finally, there is a holiday to visit relatives and friends, some elders which pot not to mention which pot, as if you are not in a bad mood will not give up the general, this let 90 post-generation how dare to initiate the idea of visiting relatives?Moreover, in most areas of China, visiting relatives and friends is also a great pressure on the economic situation. Tobacco, wine and tea are almost necessary, and every family should not be short of them. It is no exaggeration to say that after the Spring Festival, their savings will be gone for most of the half year, not to mention the New Year’s money given to children.It is not difficult to understand that the post-90s prefer to live in dormitories, compared with the high cost of going out for New Year’s visits and troublesome social activities.