Shizuishan city heart with love to solve talent worry about things worry worry

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To improve high quality talents to support the city’s transformation development ability and level of development, shizuishan positive linkage groups, clubs, and related power of trade unions, solve hard with love attentively high-level personnel children enjoy high quality education resources, talent business is dealt with concentration, rural revitalization of talents cultivation platform distress problems such as less,To cultivate fertile soil for talent, to build western talent highland actively help.Small prove reflect some big bear for the city’s high-level personnel recognition results not out, but their children to school in urgent need of high-level personnel enjoy the preferential treatment of the actual, shizuishan, in accordance with the “one project one discussion” the principle of “center”, take the city talent do the joint research identified and to cities and counties (area) education department orientation high-level personnel certificate issued by the form of a letter,We helped 35 high-level talents in the city timely implement the problem of their children enjoying high-quality education resources.The implementation of these policies has strengthened the determination and confidence of all kinds of talents to take root, contribute to and build Shizuishan, and also laid a solid foundation for the stability of talents.Small window play a bigger role for all kinds of talents for project application, file transfer, housing security issues such as need more departments and the problems of run, shizuishan adhere to service sinks, clear relying on county (district) hr service window and park service center set up between talent service window, equipped with full-time personnel, etc.After many integrated functions, each park is equipped with “three helps” 17, 14 public welfare jobs, internships students eight, the excellent personnel workers 2 called park floor enterprise personnel provide file transfer, such as housing “peer-to-peer” service, for the majority of people to deal with all kinds of items to provide the service of more than 800 people,Realize the talent less run away, service “one-stop”.In view of the problem that the demonstration leading role of rural breeding experts, non-genetic inheritors and rich leaders is not prominent, Shizuishan timely gathered the organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Municipal Bureau of Human resources and Social Security and other relevant departments to carry out the identification work of rural revitalization talent studio for the first time in the city.Assessment by notice soliciting declare, field visits, special meeting to study, the first selection that Han Dujuan paper-cut studio, Chen Zhaodi genetic and other rural talent studio 11, the first phase of each support 20000 yuan, specially used for studios to carry out the cultural inheritance, teaching and personnel training, etc.,We will strengthen the construction of talent training platforms to help the rural revitalization strategy go deeper and achieve concrete results.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: