In the world: zhou mother critically ill, bingkun prison urgent to anger, Zheng Juan suddenly inherited a huge amount of property

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Hello, everyone, I am the original author silly brother say, human life is hit, took the bowl to have a meal, put down the bowl ‘criticisms, say is Zhou Rong this kind of person, brother Zhou Bingkun difficult again painstakingly again at home, didn’t not bashful say put away he he, but she also abandon, if suitable, when Zhou Bingkun house was cheated, will give daughter wants to place, rather than waiting for the daughter to roommates and others,The not Zhou Rong thought he he can live in a room, if did not live up to begin to turn hated heart, Zhou Rong has been too double standard, Zheng Juan pregnant do dinner, she on the kang, eating melon seeds, their housing problems to find xiao-guang CAI, Zhou Bingkun wants to turn xiao-guang CAI, but she didn’t feel right, Zhou Rong daughter also inherited the selfish gene, determined to early love and family absolutely crack,Zhou zhigang die with anger, he he knew that he was a disaster, if let Feng Huacheng leads her to go abroad, Zhou Rong spirit make track for to go abroad, this one is for 12 years, during this period, Zhou Bingkun entered again into the dui, Zheng Juan week with her and take care of mother, a person hold up the whole family, as long as Zheng Juan in, the house will not collapse, because Zheng Juan velvet glove, nature is good, even if again painstakingly again,Also won’t abandon weeks home, what do you think he he is out of order, from the root or the day after tomorrow didn’t get along with, in how many kinds of suffering, how many kinds of, Zhou Bingkun after repeat offenders, Zheng Juan is the only one support, weeks mother did not lack of money treatment, Zhou Bingkun prison was irritated, just upset them, he has lost his father, now again want to lose their mother,He hasn’t had time to honor his mother, and he still wants to be a mother’s old pimple for a few more years, acting like a spoiled child. Where does the cost of treatment come from?Ping-i Chou an official clean, oneself didn’t also a few money, Zhou Rong went to France for looking for daughter missing, Zhou Bingkun, wildest dreams Zheng Juan should have a way, the original Zheng Juan suddenly inherited wealth, he was a well-known QiaoShang orphans, but she was too old to learn to her daughter’s message, directly to sorrow, don’t hold to Joseph, looks Zheng Juan is relative superficial,But in any case, the old week home this successful robbery, you think Zhou Bingkun and Luo Shibin for his son in prison, he can have a grudge against Nannan, and can regret falling in love with Zheng Juan?Zhou Fu departure is very suddenly, who also couldn’t think of the body has been healthy Zhou Fu, didn’t want to retire a few years of blessing, and his word was unveiled in the big secret, his attitude towards Zhou Jiasan sibling differences also have the reason, Zhou Fu know ping-i Chou didn’t children, but it is not mentioned let Zheng Juan having an adoption to the eldest brother, this is because ping-i Chou is zhou zhigang, the son of co-workersThis is why Zhou Fu accept ping-i Chou, like the door son-in-law, or we’ll put aside in a common family, the old man is certainly and the firstborn of life together, although Zhou Fu Zhou Bingkun most fierce, from small to large, his most is his but that is because only he is the son of Lao zhou, Zhou Rong also very collapse, over the years, he is so capricious,Is by his parents is the most loved child, in her heart, as long as she appears is filial piety, do not have to do anything more, now want to repay the kindness can not be reported, someone said.Early to see bingyi Zhou Rong on Peking University will guess life, you think from the degree guess life is reasonable?Leave us your thoughts, and we’ll see you next time.