Guzhang County departments actively and effectively respond to low temperature rain and snow freezing weather

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From January 27 to 30, Guzhang County, Xiangxi autonomous Prefecture, will experience the largest range of low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather this year.For positive and effective response to the low temperature sleet freezing weather, the county attaches great importance to, the first time a response to the low temperature sleet freezing weather dispatch meetings, arrange the deployment to carry out the response to the low temperature sleet freezing weather, the work for the county departments at all levels to further implement the provincial state about dealing with the low temperature sleet freezing weather deployment requirements, insist on people first, life is the highest,We will actively respond to low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather, do our best to ensure people’s normal work and life, and ensure their property and life safety.”Guzhang: January 27-28 will see heavy snow and freezing weather…”Recently, a weather forecast news in the wechat circle of friends was hot reprinted.To have effect in this round of low temperature sleet freezing weather, response to public concerns and county meteorological bureau attaches great importance to, the first time to make arrangement, give full play to their role as the first line of defense disaster prevention and mitigation, arrange personnel manned 24 hours a day, pay close attention to weather changes, real time monitoring the weather trend, to increase the low temperature sleet freezing weather service security work.”We are now issuing daily weather updates,” said an official from the county meteorological Bureau.Since January 26, the county meteorological Bureau issued every day “meteorological special report”, and the county rong media center, through radio, SMS, TELEVISION, two micro end, outdoor electronic display and other media for the first time to provide decision-making weather service information for all levels of departments, for the deployment of time,We will spare no efforts to prevent the adverse impact of low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather on People’s Daily life and work.Met office staff is to analyze the data for the chart: Shi Liwei stabilizing price guaranteed for safeguard citizens demand of production and life in the ancient cultural county red sun supermarket, the store environment clean and tidy, goods supply is adequate, cabbage, potatoes, pork, beef and other kinds of fresh vegetables and meat products from soup to nuts, citizens to move back and forth in each stall, carefully selected the necessities.In the county water company, the author saw that the staff are on the intake pump station, production water machinery equipment, plant distribution facilities for a comprehensive inspection, to ensure the stability of water supply.At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of water for citizens during the Spring Festival, the staff not only cleaned the reaction pool, sampled the water quality at the end of the pipe network, but also packed the anti-freezing water meter sleeve for residents free of charge to prevent the water meter from bursting, reduce user losses and ensure the normal use of water for residents.Staff for water supply equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection Credit: de-hong Yang was reported, to cope with the low temperature sleet freezing weather, the ancient cultural county, to strengthen the important production of life necessities reserves and steady price for protection, but also formed the gas emergency rescue team, ensure that emergency situations can rapid response, timely, for the citizens to spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival to prepare in advance.”Hello, there is ice on the section of Lizi ‘ao road, and vehicles are stranded on many curves. The highway maintenance department is de-icing, please go out later.”On January 28, the county public Security Bureau traffic police brigade related person in charge of the detection station in Tianma Village to the back and forth driver friends publicity temporary traffic control information.In view of the recent rain, snow and freezing weather, Guzhang County strictly implemented the leadership and the town and traffic, highway, traffic police, road administration and other departments 24 hours on duty inspection system, to ensure the four-level linkage information channel smooth.All the staff pay close attention to the real-time weather changes, the important period of time, key sections of the implementation of supervision and road hidden trouble investigation, and through traffic dredging, patrol propaganda and other ways, remind the past vehicles snow road slippery, slow down.Dangerous snow sections to throw industrial salt, send out snow shovel and other measures to restore road traffic.At the same time, the relevant departments also actively improve the emergency rescue plan and do a good job of material reserves, to ensure the safety and stability of the county’s road traffic.