“Get rich password” of Yangmadianzi Township

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Recently, the reporter followed the rural revitalization team of The Liaoning Branch of Postal Savings Bank, and came to the old Liu’s home in Jianchang County, Huludao City.Just arrived at the door, was this honest and honest old man blocked at the door.”I have been lifted out of poverty, but I can no longer take advantage of the country.”Old Liu shouted, “LET me show you my mushroom.”At the entrance of the village, two straw match-covered mushroom sheds are scattered in front and back. Rows of mushroom sticks cover the whole shed. Looking at the attractive mushrooms on the sticks, Old Liu smiled from ear to ear and said, “I can pick them in two days and sell them at a good price.”Before planting mushrooms, old Liu is a well-known poor family in the village, because the old mother needs to take care of, he can not go out for work, looking at their own a few acres of thin land, no capital and no knowledge, can not find a way out of old Liu worried about his mother worried, can only squat at the door sighing.Fortunately, years of labor and life endowed him with a strong body and the recognition of the villagers, under everyone’s initiative, an accidental opportunity, Old Liu entered the Postal Savings Bank “financial poverty alleviation workshop”, as if “open sesame”, unlocked the “get rich password” of old Liu and Yangmadianzi township.Yangmadianzi Township, located at the foot of mountains, is located in the south of Jianchang County, Huludao City, Liaoning Province. Due to the effect of mountains, the winter temperature is about 5℃ higher than that of plain areas, which provides temperature guarantee for high yield of lentinus edodes.Local lentinus edodes has a long history of planting, planting area of 4500 mu, 2890 greenhouses, annual output of about 90 million jin, mature planting technology, stable sales channels.Due to the restrictions of local financial institutions on loan time, amount, guarantee mode and other elements, most farmers engaged in mushroom planting projects in Yangmadianzi Township use their own funds for turnover, which limits the development of the industry to a certain extent.After understanding the situation, PSBC Liaoning Branch actively communicated with the local government and industrial leaders, and jointly designed a loan service scheme for mushroom farmers with local branches, which reduced the loan interest rate and enriched the guarantee methods.In the loan officer in township administrative service center, combined with the “new age” by farmers assembly, set up post office bank “rural revitalization of the financial assembly”, “open at the village,” the bank directly to solve poor information is ineffective, the policy is unclear, lack of confidence in the shortest time, the most simplified process would be financial loans to clients.The staff of the “Rural Revitalization Finance Workshop” consists of the managers, branch presidents and loan officers of the agriculture, Rural and rural departments of the sub-branches. They interpret the policies benefiting the people on the spot, answer villagers’ questions on the spot, and calculate the annual income, expenditure and profit on the spot according to the different situation of each household.After the staff took pains to answer and calculate, Old Liu finally plucked up courage and applied for 50 thousand yuan “Benefit farmers easy loan”, built the first mushroom greenhouse that belongs to oneself.In the past few years, Lao Liu’s mushroom cultivation scale is getting bigger and bigger. Now he has two mushroom greenhouses and a cold storage for mushroom storage. He also built a new house, completely removed the hat of poverty, and his life is really rich.In recent years, PSBC Liaoning Branch has held PSBC financial rural revitalization workshops in 127 administrative villages in Jianchang County, Huludao City, with more than 6,000 participants.Through the “Rural Revitalization Finance Workshop”, 592 loans were accepted and 42.16 million yuan of loans were issued;A total of 267 poverty alleviation loans totaling 11.68 million yuan were granted to registered households.Raise madian zi xiang “stranger” small zhang, because old home moves move to come to raise Madian zi xiang settle down, also “follow the trend” made mushroom planting.After building a mushroom shed with his own capital, he was struggling with working capital.In the township of raising Madianzi, Xiao Zhang has no friends and wants to borrow money and can not find a guarantee. He is catching up with the new policy of postal Savings Bank, which is the pressing issue.In order to solve the problem of “difficult guarantee” of loans for rural business entities, PSBC Liaoning Branch promotes the construction of “credit villages” in the form of helping model figures, supporting key projects and promoting trustworthy models according to the credit status of existing customers and local industrial conditions.Credit users in the listed “credit village” can apply for purely credit agriculture-related loans.Yangmadianzi township, with its excellent industrial base, soon had three villages complete the “credit village” assessment, with more than 100 access letter users, including Xiaozhang.With loan funds and their own hard work, Xiao Zhang’s mushroom planting scale is expanding.Under the guidance of the first secretary of the village, Xiao Zhang took the initiative to hire some of the elderly and weak workers in the village to work in his mushroom shed, leading six registered poor families out of poverty, and gradually turning the “migrant” into “family”.At present, digital finance and technology enable PSBC Liaoning Branch to enter the “fast lane” on the road of serving “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”.Customers with good credit, such as Liu and Zhang in Yangmadianzi Township, can apply for online approval through their mobile phones, which are pure credit free of guarantee.”PSBC Liaoning Branch has organized several ‘financial workshops’ to teach about products and operations,” Liu told reporters. “Now the mushroom growers are so good that they don’t even have to go to the township administrative service center.”Up to now, PSBC Liaoning Branch has built 92 credit villages in Jianchang County, with more than 2,552 credit users, and issued a total of 5.66 million yuan in credit village loans. It has given preferential policies on loan interest rates and loan terms, truly enabling people to “have access to loans and get rich” and opening up the “last mile” of inclusive financial services.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn