“Drug green channel” is the relay of life for patients poisoned by “homemade medicinal wine”

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February 10, Zhengzhou third people’s Hospital department of medicine director Wang Huipin said in an interview, although medicinal wine has the effect of strengthening the body, but drinking medicinal wine must be compared with the effect, disease and physique, under the guidance of doctors to take correctly.Otherwise, it can be life-threatening.On January 30, the hospital admitted a patient who had almost died after drinking homemade medicinal liquor.”Ringling…I am Liang Ruijing, EICU, and I have just admitted a patient suffering from datura intoxication, who is in urgent need of emergency medicine…”In the early morning of January 30th, a sudden ringing of the telephone pierced the night sky. The emergency vehicle of Zhengzhou Third Hospital picked up a patient suffering from datura poisoning. The patient was unconscious, unable to speak, stiff, bilateral pupils dilated and light reflex disappeared.The patient’s family members are waiting anxiously outside the rescue room, and the medical staff are racing against time for the patient and death in the rescue room.”Get your stomach pumped at once!””Neostigmine for detoxification!””Neostigmine is not effective and the patient’s symptoms do not improve significantly!”Datura poisoning is relatively rare, the condition is urgent, “immediately consult night pharmacist, can replace toxic lentil alkali.”More and more medical staff joined the rescue work.”No, toxic lentil alkali is more toxic, there is almost no on the market, I suggest replacing it with rutin needle.”Yuan Qitang, the pharmacist on duty, immediately gave professional medication guidance after quickly understanding the patient’s condition.”Agree to change to rutin, pay close attention to contact medicine supply!”Tube bed doctor Liang Ruijing made a quick decision.It was 1:25 in the morning.The Pharmacy Department of Zhengzhou Third Hospital immediately opened the “green channel” of drugs. The pharmacy leader, the director of the department of drug procurement, warehouse management and the director of the pharmacy Department took separate actions and started a nationwide overnight drug mixing campaign.After the efforts of the Pharmacy Department through multiple channels, in less than two hours, the only 20 drugs in Zhengzhou were sent to the three hospitals overnight from provincial and municipal brother hospitals and distribution companies, and the patients finally had a hope of life.After a series of rescue treatments, including gastric lavage, drug adsorption, drainage and hemoperfusion, the hospital medical team successfully pulled the patient back from the death line in only two hours.At present, the patient has recovered and been discharged smoothly.(Jiang Wei) Related links: Datura, also known as drunken peach, is originally from India. It is common in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong provinces of China. It grows in fields, ditches, roads and river banks.The roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of datura are toxic, among which seeds are the most toxic. Children can be poisoned by taking 2-8 datura leaves, and external application of datura leaves can also cause systemic poisoning. Symptoms are similar to oral administration, and the onset of symptoms is faster than oral administration.The main toxic substances of datura are alkaloids such as scopolamine, scopolamine and atropine, which mainly act on nervous system.Can counter acetyl choline, restrain or paralytic vagus nerve and parasympathetic nerve, the expression when poisoning is manic, delirium, hallucination, auditory hallucination, consciousness is fuzzy, sweat gland and saliary gland secrete is restrained, serious person is lethargic, coma, respiratory center is paralytic, till respiratory circulation fails and die.