A family of 6 4 severely disabled, 8 years old little beauty strive for full marks: let the family live in a big house

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“There are six people in my family, only me and grandma are good, and the four of them are bad.”Grandma Zhou Jianyun hug small xuan (pseudonym) correct her: “they are just disabled people, not bad people, small Xuan can not say so, go out will be misunderstood.”This little girl is small Xuan, Shandong Dezhou people, 8 years old this year, other children are still in their parents’ arms act like a spoiled child, she early to understand the way of the world.Mother is cerebral palsy, father is albino to add polio, two years before grandpa a car accident double leg amputation, this lets small xuan always accompany around cold eye and laugh, she understands her home and others home are different.”It’s the lack of culture.”Home all don’t understand, just feel let my grandma and my cousin marriage, is me with kiss, I didn’t realize that both the effects of inbreeding is son of the congenital disability, albino, different from ordinary people in addition to the appearance, they are also associated with eye diseases, serious when can hardly see things, fragile skin is exposed to the sun has a sunburn and the risk of cancer.Farmers depend on the weather to eat, get this photophobia is equal to the loss of all the ability to work.But if the rain roof leak, the eldest son of six months old sick a high fever, sent a shot in the morning, afternoon come back grandma found out his legs don’t want to, hurried to the hospital again, was the doctor diagnosed with polio, grandma is due to two sons feel guilty, now have the feel of heard a bolt from the blue.Son stumbling to the age of marriage, small Xuan’s mother was introduced, she is a patient with cerebral palsy, intelligence is not normal.One unmarried, the other unmarried, and so the two poor people formed a family.Later two people had a child, it is small xuan, lucky is small xuan very healthy, without any disease of heredity, healthy new life brought a lot of joy to this home.However, the nightmare is not willing to let go of this already unhappy family.Small Xuan’s grandfather was originally the only labor force in the home, in 2015 on the way out of work encountered a car accident, “they told me just rolled over to toe, but WHEN I rushed past to see the blood, I know over, naive is collapsed.”Grandma’s eyes red voice choked, sensible small Xuan came to wipe tears for grandma, silently accompany in her side.What little money the driver gave him went to the operation. To save his life, grandpa had to have both his legs amputated. Later, because he could not afford the hospitalization fee, he stayed in the hospital for more than a month and went home.There is no rehabilitation process, only bought the cheapest prosthesis, the work is rough and inflexible, wear bone pain.Grandma helplessly said: “He lies in bed every day, the leg is not veins, very afraid of cold, now does not like to go out, do not want me to go out, after the disability, he is afraid, cannot leave people around.”Grandma with small Xuan in the courtyard of corn, grandpa will move to the window to watch.”He’s a tough guy. He’s very capable. In a good day he used to make $100.”Hanging on the wall of the house with grandma and grandpa to go to the park with small Xuan photos, three people smile bright, grandma sometimes looked at the yellow photos trance: “Sometimes I also want to die, but I died how they do, small Xuan is so small, can only think so to live.”The only labor force also fell down, now a family of six living expenses, grandpa and children’s medical expenses, small Xuan tuition pressure in the grandmother one person.There were too many patients in the family to leave for work, so they could only rely on the few acres of land left and the assistance of neighbors to make a living.(the picture is the room that local government decorates for small xuan) young and healthy small xuan is the hope of this home entirely, rice can reduce quantity, medicine can not eat, the whole family economizes on food and clothing, again difficulty also won’t little small xuan one minute tuition, the meeting meeting of learning appliance that needs is placed on her desk.Grandma said: “I don’t have much education, I want her to study hard, reading will have a future, she will be promising in the future, can take good care of parents don’t let me worry, I am old, don’t expect to enjoy her happiness.”Grandma had an old disease on her leg, and it was useless to take painkillers when she was sick. The doctor had originally asked her to stay in hospital for a week, but she could not rest assured at home, so she changed the medicine and went home.At 56, she is now the sole breadwinner of her family, afraid and unable to fall.Small Xuan is 8 years old this year, go up primary school third grade, it seems that the clever spirit that this home has only gave her, clever and lively, before still took an examination of full marks, took a certificate to return home.Hug small Xuan, grandma full of pride: “she will help me work, come back to sweep the ground, I am busy when she will look at some parents, afraid they have knock against.”Small Xuan will see the fun in school said to the grandfather in bed, childish children’s stories, grandpa will always listen very seriously.As for the cold eyes and grievances, the little girl did not say a word to her family.Grandma was very distressed: “In fact, I know where there is no broken mouth, but there is no way, I can only teach her not to listen to don’t look.”Other children do not look for small xuan to play, she is in the house to draw, amuse oneself, draw emerald green tree, draw the bird that flies, the little girl that the picture is wearing aureate crown, do the dream of princess like the child of ordinary family.Small xuan always love to stick grandma, go to where follow where, in this home, one old one is only the normal person, they are each other’s dependence, support each other, hug to warm oneself, just have the courage to insist on living.Xiao Xuan said: “I will study hard, try to make money later, take care of my parents, and then buy a big house, grandparents also pick up to live.”Big eyes with stars of hope in them.