Gloat!Sun Long accidentally fell down, the South Korean coach was so happy that he jumped up and did not face

2022-04-30 0 By

At the end of the last night of the men’s 5000 m short track speed skating relay in the final of the group A, China and South Korea, Italy, Canada, Russia’s Olympic team champion competition, Hungary and the Netherlands competition top of group B, the Chinese team is home, also is one of the favorites, South Korea is also on this gold medal is very craving.China sent Wu Dajing, President of all, Sun Long and the combination of cb, the first half of the period of the Chinese team is mainly following tactics, has been in the position of the party, but in the middle, as the core of the Chinese team, Wu Dajing is continuous with complete transcendence, rose to the position of the first, but two young turn cb and Sun Long, power still has a gap,China also came to the middle of the table again, the game is still a lot of suspense.But who also did not think of, the 34th lap in the game, the player Sun Long has made a mistake again, he was in a corner, the outside of his right foot some, the results turn, right foot also some slippage, the results turned, slipped out directly, as a result, his center of gravity be unsteady, directly fall on the sidelines, as can be seen from the slow motion at back,Sun Long did not contact with others, but his foot slipped and fell a staggered, it is a pity, the players behind the chase has been too late, finally The Chinese team won the fifth place, unfortunately did not stand on the podium.Field competition is intense, and off the coach and teammates is also very concerned about competition, Sun Long fall place is just over the bench, so his fall is also on the coach is very surprised, at that time who noticed two coach from South Korea, they see two Chinese players fall, also is irrepressible joy in the heart, two people are further probe,Happy to want to jump up, really is a little complacent ah!Although The Chinese team fell down, the Korean team also failed to win the gold medal. Canada maintained the lead in the second half of the race and finally won the gold medal.