Concerning “double reduction”, tianjin’s latest deployment!So strengthen the supervision of off-campus training!

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To crack down on “home tutor” and “teaching” the raise private training subjects such as invisible variation problem is strictly forbidden for 3 to 6 years old preschool children for discipline class training, strengthen the supervision of the subject class training institutions to achieve school, after-school homework design services and class teaching on “level” yesterday, reporter from the city of “ShuangJian” work deployment, promote meeting this year,The city will continue to strongly promote the “double reduction” work, to ensure that students’ heavy homework burden, the burden of off-campus training, family education expenditure and parents’ corresponding energy burden will be effectively reduced within one year, and the results will be significant within three years, and people’s satisfaction with education will be significantly improved.In July last year, as the Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Office of The State Council jointly issued the “Opinions on Further reducing the Homework burden and off-campus training burden of Students in compulsory Education”, the city started the “double reduction” work.By the end of the last term, the “5+2” after-school services in schools of compulsory education in The city had reached 100 percent coverage, with 95 percent of students and 96 percent of teachers participating in after-school services.In 2021, zhuhai carried out five special inspections on off-campus training advertisements in schools, public places, residential areas and other key areas of the city, effectively curbing advertising clutter.The reduction rate of off-campus disciplinary training institutions for offline compulsory education reached 92.89 percent, while the reduction rate of online disciplinary training institutions was 100 percent, leading the country.In addition, all of the disciplinary training institutions outside the compulsory education stage in Zhuhai have completed the work of “transferring from camp to Non-camp”.The fund supervision platform for off-campus training institutions has been put into operation, and training institutions have signed fund custody agreements with banks and opened fund supervision accounts, effectively preventing the behavior of “running away with money”.”At present, the governance of off-campus training has entered a critical battle, and the improvement of quality and efficiency of on-campus training has entered a period of climbing, so we need to invest more energy in solving deep-seated and fundamental problems.”City education commission related person in charge said.To this end, in 2022, Zhuhai will strengthen the daily supervision of discipline off-campus training, improve the implementation of the “black and white list” system, resolutely prevent non-discipline institutions from conducting discipline training, strengthen the inspection of the implementation of government-guided prices, and resolutely prevent non-profit institutions from conducting for-profit training.We will crack down on the invisible variation of subject training such as “home-based private tutoring” and “crowdfunded private tutoring”.We will improve the regular mechanism for training and inspection of invisible variation, put pressure on local authorities to take responsibility for oversight, and bring training for invisible variation into the scope of comprehensive treatment.In the statutory holidays, rest days, winter and summer holidays and other key periods of time will deploy special action, focus on the training of invisible variation.In accordance with the guidance of the Ministry of Education, conscientiously implement the policy requirements of subject training in senior high school strictly referring to the implementation of compulsory education.Subject training for preschool children aged 3 to 6 is strictly prohibited.In the meantime, my city will strengthen the management that groom to blame discipline kind, aggrandizement is united supervise.To clarify the supervisory duties of education, sports, culture, tourism, science and technology departments.Adhere to the public welfare nature of off-campus training, strengthen the investigation of the charging items and standards, the implementation of the charging publicity system, and the supervision of training fees in advance.In accordance with the relevant requirements of the state, we will standardize the pricing of non-disciplinary training and severely crack down on illegal activities such as malicious price increases.In strengthening the main field of school education, this year, the city’s primary and secondary schools will further improve the level of school homework design, after-school service level and classroom teaching level.We launched special actions to improve the quality of operations, and paid more attention to “adjusting the structure and improving the quality of operations.”We implemented a special action to “emphasize practical results and Improve quality” in after-school services, and paid more attention to “expanding channels and improving standards”.Further strengthen coordination and docking with cultural tourism, sports, science and technology, the Communist Youth League and other departments, formulate guidance on the introduction of high-quality after-school service resources.We will promote a campaign to improve the quality and efficiency of classroom teaching.In accordance with the curriculum standards, we revised and improved the evaluation standards for classroom teaching in compulsory education, guided teachers in the city to consciously strengthen the guidance of the standards, and ensured that students reached the academic quality standards stipulated by the state.