Champ vs. champ?Roman and David’s latest wrestling craze revealed!RAW Ratings exposure

2022-04-30 0 By

Today, wrestler Observer, a veteran wrestling media outlet, has revealed the plans for Roman Raines and Brock Lesner at wrestlemania!As we all know, on the latest episode of RAW, WWE once again hinted at brock Lesner vs. Roman Raines at Wrestlemania for the championship vs. The Championship!So will WWE really schedule this fight?Today’s veteran wrestling media, The Wrestling Observer, has its say!Champ vs. champ?Roman and David’s latest wrestling craze revealed!The outlet pointed out that WWE had no intention of scheduling a Roman Raines VS Brock Lesner champ VS champ!This plan never existed in the first place, WWE just gave it a fake gimmick!Brock Lesner will most likely lose the Chamber of Cages match and not win the WWE championship, so at Wrestlemania we will still enjoy two men’s first line championship matches!In addition to that, RAW ratings exposure!In the latest issue of RAW program, we have witnessed bullock, les, appearance, cage chamber of WWE championship in the contest official seal, WWE championship will be held in cages in the chamber of secrets, which means that bobby Leslie will face five opponents, they respectively are bullock, les, theory of Austin, AJ, stiles,Brock Lesner and Riddle!Ronda Rossi did not announce which title she will be challenging for at Wrestlemania, and she will announce her answer on Smackdown on Friday.Today Wrestlenomics announced the ratings for the latest episode of RAW!With Brock Lesner and Ronda Rossi both appearing, this week’s EPISODE of RAW drew 1.87 million viewers, up from 1.76 million last week!In the key 18-49 demographic, RAW scored 0.47 this week, up slightly from 0.46 last week.