Welder, how do you protect against welding smoke?

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In the clouds of smoke, because of the heat, we would disarm everything to keep cool.Of course, that’s only in art.I often wonder if the pipes are smoked by welding smoke and sucked into the lungs, if the lungs are the same color.Preheated thermal insulation cotton, often touched, the back of the hand, neck have small red spots, itching, this inhaled into the body, the lung itching?When grinding, the metal powder mixed with the dust of the polished piece is sucked into the lungs. How can our tiny lungs withstand the dirty air in the workshop site, mixed with dust and welding dust, all the time, it affects you.Usually some small injury accumulation, such as a trickle, without prevention, also can form stormy waves.PM2.5 is also known as PARTICULATE matter in English. Particles with 2.5 microns can enter the alveoli directly and stay permanently in the lungs, and the lungs can’t clean themselves. Particles with welding dust are smaller than 2.5 microns.In order to live, we desperately burn welding, this time only their own to take care of their own, if they do not take care of their own body, then no one really hurt you…Welding workers pneumoconiosis needs to be prevented as soon as possible 1, improve the ventilation of the workplace do a good job in the workplace ventilation and dustproof work to reduce dust concentration.Ventilation methods are divided into natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation, of which mechanical ventilation has better dust removal and detoxification effect. Therefore, in places with poor natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation measures must be taken when welding closed or semi-closed structures.It is worth noting that many manual arc welding places, especially in the summer, use fans to blow smoke and dust directly for ventilation, which will cause smoke and dust to diffuse throughout the workshop more harmful, more likely to cause welding worker’s pneumoconiosis.2, improve the welding process and material reform process, make full use of automatic welding.By improving the degree of welding mechanization, automation, so that the operator and operating environment isolation, fundamentally eliminate the harm of electric welding to human body;By improving welders and reducing the construction of closed structures, the working conditions of operators can be improved and the pollution of electric welding dust can be reduced.At the same time improve the material selection of non-toxic or low toxic electrode.3, strengthen personal protection to strengthen personal protection can effectively prevent the harm of toxic gas and dust produced when welding.Welding personnel must use dust masks and dust masks in accordance with the occupational health requirements;If working in closed or semi-closed institutions, air supply masks should also be worn to reduce the incidence of pneumoconiosis in welders.4. Do a good job in occupational health examination The employer shall conduct regular testing and evaluation of dust and toxin hazards in the welding site, conduct regular occupational health examination for the operating personnel, and timely find problems to prevent and control occupational diseases.Take chest radiographs regularly for physical examination. If respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases are found in physical examination, they should be removed from the operation.