Three suVs full of confidence grand debut: Xiao Ke, Tang New energy, Bin Yue

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Three confident SUV grand debut: Xiao guest, Tang New energy, bin Yue do not know the little brothers have missed me?First sincerely thank the officers for their advice, and wish the online officers happy, good things, no more gossip, we talk about these beautiful cars:As we know, SUV has more space than small cars, which not only has the outstanding advantages of low fuel consumption, good quality and cheap price, but also their power output is very reliable, which has become one of the main advantages that other models are difficult to surpass, and has been recognized by most of the big guys.Today, the next will be from a more objective point of view for you to share these market recognized, the level of appearance of the SUV bar, do not “go treasure” yo!Model 1: Xiao Ke (entry level low to 15.49 W +) brief introduction of sales profile: Xiao Ke is made by Dongfeng Nissan carefully, come out so far sales performance is absolutely relative “bang bang”, on the other hand, Xiao Ke land price is very down-to-earth, so got a lot of little sister’s affirmation and praise.Classics the author many inquires: the sales achievement of xiao guest is absolutely blockbuster.Decisively achieved a good result of 15,300 vehicles, jumped to the 17th place in the sales list, in the domestic auto market qunlong competition can be regarded as one of the stars with a clear target, bright, than many competing products in the market even more dazzling.Although there will be absolutely perfect SUV, but xiao guest product strength is one of the outstanding models.Because xiao ke’s strong product advantage is very recognized by the market.And no matter performance or safety and other aspects are undoubtedly easy to beat a lot of luxury SUV models.Some enthusiasts feel: if xiao guest continue to 100 feet pole head, it is estimated that the near future can be in the car market in the field.Xiao guest before the face of both feeling super great, car paint thickness processing is good, and the design of the glittering lines is pretty perfect, get rid of the feeling of the old.In addition, the head of qashqai fashion with imposing manner, and the line of qashqai style also “thief”, sharp double waist line throughout the body, make the administrative levels of the qashqai more clear, smooth have bone feeling, at the same time have a pair of best line of halogen car headlights in photograph reflect, and qashqai before the old one It is a far cry from.Size analysis: xiao guest’s space is very comfortable, at the same time look very comfortable.The whole use of space is very nice, very nice.Measuring 4,401mm by 1,837mm by 1,611mm, it can easily cross its legs even when there is room for multiple kittens in the back seat.Therefore xiao guest for home is no problem, and xiao guest’s trunk space also te reliable, even if stuffed into a lot of small transparent, this kind of clock is absolutely small case.It gives us a very solid feeling, which is good.In addition to the bright appearance, flowing colorful interior, Xiao ke power performance is not weak, its power peak reached 151PS, and the mainstream CVT stepless (analog 7 block) transmission device constitute extraordinary power control device, so xiao ke whether acceleration or start, can be said to be very strong.It is worth noting that the engine is made of high-quality aluminum coating, so its service life is relatively good.As for displacement performance, xiaoke according to public information, the new xiaoke displacement is 2.0L.Car friends word of mouth: as the public know, by dongfeng Nissan to build xiao guest, in a mainstream SUV is proud of the group.Xiao guest appearance level is in line with the personalized requirements of business people, the body sends out quite rich technology feeling, make me have a wonderful feeling of heart.At the same time, sit inside the feeling still exists many remaining space, and xiao guest is better also open, this should be why xiao guest is so favored by market consumer the most important reason.Car friends dianping2: Xiaoke’s fuel consumption performance is naturally excellent, which is mainly due to xiaoke’s oil control accuracy has improved a lot of reasons, so xiaoke’s fuel economy is very good.In the downtown run relatively more, sometimes go home to visit relatives will occasionally run the national road of the town, although xiao ke looks particularly bulky, but the fuel consumption is quite low, its fuel consumption is about 8.7 oil per hundred kilometers, is quite dazzling, in the SUV market should be able to be low fuel consumption.Therefore, I am very happy, the most praiseworthy is, colleagues around are uniformly said xiao ke is the best.To tell you the truth, if we were driving in the desert, we’d probably use a lot more fuel.For me, an unmarried student, a few social savings would probably offset ten days of gas costs.That’s a good point.Although the current conditioning time is not very long, but it is expected that the power system later combined with depth, xiao guest’s future fuel consumption will be more considerable.Owner point of view: the author jun a diu diu in the suspension system is a little high, although can make qashqai safer when cornering at high speed, but every time after a bumpy road, will lose a DiuDiuDe comfort, if there is a friend of heart disease, then sit inside two “August 15” some may feel uncomfortable.In addition, in the process of running at high speed, often found harsh tire noise and abnormal sound problems, especially when the uneven and steep slope of the road will be more obvious, there is a strong sense of lag when accelerating, find customer service, but finally can not say the specific situation.Some friends also reflect these disadvantages: such as 1. Just lift the car feel xiao guest interior smell is quite serious.The second model: Tang New Energy The new Tang New energy is handsome and good-looking, and my girlfriends are very satisfied with it.Tang before new energy of the whole face design is very vibrant, give me a fairly sharp feeling, like a bull’s eye, the first modest, especially good-looking, and the handle position of tang new energy skillfully with many large, extremely bright chrome plated article decoration at the same time, there are only 2 star LED car headlamp unit phase contrast, look up and have a kind of fashionable feeling.And tang New energy side of the body is still very good, the body of the assembly line is more angular, the roof of the “dragon beard” has been sliding from the B pillar, like a sleeping beauty that is very comfortable, further highlights the personality of the vehicle.At the same time, the sides of the body have been polished and handsome.It can be said that No matter where tang New energy is very eye-catching.Tang New energy tail looks particularly powerful, and there are many dazzling taillights, therefore, more and more friends have this feeling: Tang new energy’s entire appearance belongs to the mature, sharp “style”.All my ex-boyfriends agreed that Tang New Energy was the best.Mr. Shen, a professional, commented: “I often go to the official offline experience store for a test drive. At present, I feel that the sound insulation effect of cash Tang New Energy is very good, and it runs very quietly. Although the quality is so heavy and so long, the control is quite good.Appearance review: The appearance of the Bin Yue can be said to be relatively attractive to consumers in the market, quite good, the front grille embellish and the two sides of the LED lights perfectly combined, and the overall visual sense has been widened a lot!Bean, meanwhile, the top face of the LED lamps, modelling is very rich, the chassis is low, have qualitative feeling te, look a bit like a sports car, the car flowing waist line, used to face all the way through to the rear, special eyes, on the other hand, the tail lights is very unique, and in detail processing is very well, anyhow is very beautiful!Interior design is “beier” reliable, the assembly is very good, the error is up to standard, and the rotating button and the physical button did not appear a little loose, completely worthy of the reputation of Geely automobile.Plus, the Bin Yue’s steering wheel has a moderate weight that makes it heavy to hit, and precise tuning makes steering and u-turns smoother.In addition, the back seat of the Bin Yue is neither soft nor hard, and the handling of the fit is also excellent. The interior padding is mostly filled with soft soft materials, and I think the Bin Yue seat is relatively comfortable.I buy most of them for client drop-off, and clients say they are very comfortable to sit in.It should be noted that the Bin Yue has not detected any odors to date.And the noise in the car is inaudible.So I was quite happy.The bin Yue instant start was quite excellent, my relatives and I were shocked, the acceleration didn’t feel stuttering at all.As long as you are willing to oil, you can immediately feel the power of the Bin Yue.And the uphill is not very laborious, noise reduction performance is also very good, the whole acceleration process is basically not feel the engine equipment exit and intervention, this detail is very good.It is worth mentioning that there is no need to optimize the power system too much at present because the power system is relatively good and I mainly commute to work.The appearance level of the Bin Yue is the most alternative, the envy of the other people’s front, the headlamp shape is sharp, the night is also particularly recognizable.At the same time, the door handles on both sides of the Bin Yue as well as the grille in the middle of the net have been smoked black processing, silver chrome trim also has exaggerated modeling LED headlights set, looking very stylish and eye-catching, the Bin Yue hub is a C-shaped structure, the size is relatively moderate, the shape is more eye-catching.The exterior shape looks very outstanding.Then match the lines of smooth style, bumper is very cute, for the mellow style, it feels a kind of obvious atmosphere of majestic out.Sound insulation effect in the same level of SUV is particularly outstanding, the next te like not impetuous environment.Also, the handling is very good.In short, the bin Yue cost-effective is after all “beier” high, the top with no 11W tickets can be clinch a deal, more reliable there is no drawbacks.Car Friends comment 2:I am engaged in logistics industry, and therefore prefer to show off, common SUV I look not on, but bought after the bean, I every time with the elderly, the children go out, do business or go out to have “face”, feel very touching steering feel comfortable, and sense of science and technology is very costly, my child always asked me outside the more bean?I told you bin Yue was your dad’s best mount.Another is the feeling of operation, sometimes talking about business upset, want to have a good rest when driving, this car can be said to fully meet the next driving needs and original intention.Juyou review 3: satisfaction, satisfaction of I, of course, is to the bean, not only the ratio of super cool, and open at ordinary times is very great, since I was young, I especially like the car, is now fighting finally bought a bean the, ride comfort, also particularly comfortable, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, and its consumption is not high also, absolutely satisfied the requirement of my car.Car friends comment 4:The key advantage of the Bin Yue is that it eats less oil and runs like an electric car. The small editor has something to say about the xiao Ke, Tang New Energy and The Bin Yue. The factory price is not the same.Tang New Energy and Bin Yue are as low as 18.98W and 10.78W, so it can be seen that the price difference between the three is quite large. I don’t know whether these SUVs analyzed above are the favorite of the column?Here xiaobian sincerely wish the old folks smooth sailing, spring breeze.If you like this article, please give it a thumbs up.Three big confident SUV grand debut: Xiao Ke, Tang New energy, bin Yue want to know more exciting content, come to focus on wangwang review car