Spring Festival I am on duty at the ICU Medical staff special Spring Festival

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On the occasion of family reunion during the Spring Festival, medical staff in the INTENSIVE Care Unit (ICU) of The First People’s Hospital of Xiangtan City were frantically rescuing patients on the verge of life and death.Here, time is life, the medical staff always strained every string and death struggle.On February 4th, the fourth day of the first lunar month, we walked into the ICU of this hospital and visited this group of “white soldiers” fighting for their lives.At 14:00, through an isolation door, we entered the bright and spacious ICU ward.At this time, six critically ill patients are being treated here.Ward monitoring instruments, ventilators orderly operation, on duty medical staff in a hurry.No. 10 bedside, male nurse Wan Zhaojun in nursing a patient just transferred from the operating room.Wan Zhaojun, one of the few male nurses, has been on his feet since arriving at 7:30 a.m.Check the monitoring instrument on the heart rate, respiration, blood oxygen, blood pressure and other data, and then replace the patient gauze, nursing pad……”What ails you?Shall I turn you over?”Wan Zhaojun gently asked the patient, the patient nodded slightly, so Wan Zhaojun gave the patient a turn over and adjust the bed Angle, let the patient sleep more comfortable.”The patient is awake but unable to speak because his trachea has been cut open and can only communicate by looking at him or writing in a book.”After the busy, Wan Zhaojun told us that the medical staff here have trained the ability of “eyes and ears”, the patient a subtle expression, eyes, basically can understand, which a hospital bed monitor issued an alarm, medical staff can quickly detect and timely processing.”During the Spring Festival holiday this year, the department arranged me to be on duty, so that the dying patients can turn the corner, which is the best gift to our medical staff this Spring Festival.”Wan Zhaojun said.”Most of the patients who are brought to us are critical and difficult patients with rapidly changing conditions that require constant monitoring.Nurses not only have to carry out professional care, but also carry out life care, turning over patients, wiping their backs, changing clothes and so on.”Ye Youming, the head nurse, told us after her ward inspection that the Spring Festival in the ICU was no different from other days. She had been working in the ICU for more than 10 years. It was normal for her to stick to her post during the Spring Festival, and she had long been used to watching over critically ill patients during the Spring Festival.During this year’s Spring Festival, the ICU admitted some critically ill patients who had just finished surgery, some with respiratory failure, and some elderly patients who had been staying in the ICU intermittently for more than a year and a half. The medical staff had to take shifts on duty and eat working meals in the ward.At about 15:30, when the shift was approaching, nurse Chen Can lai cleaned the condensed water in the ventilator for the patients in coma, replaced the wound gauze, gave transfusion, fed the patients liquid food through the gastric tube, and observed the monitoring instrument data……She is fluent in every operation.”If the ventilator does not clean up the condensate in time, the ventilator will be blocked. The patient should be fed liquid food every 4 hours and record the data of the monitor every hour. He should not slack off for a moment.”Chen Can said that many patients in the ward were in sedation or coma, and their family members could not accompany them all the time, so the nurses must accompany them like relatives, to warm, care for and take care of the patients. The work in the ICU is very tiring, but it is worth it for the patients to recover at an early date.>>Return to Xiangtan online home page