New industrial landscape of Shenzhen!The world’s largest single and most advanced waste incineration plant will be completed within this year

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Shenzhen East Environmental Protection Power Plant has been rated as one of the “Most anticipated Chinese buildings in 2022” by several architectural design media.The project is located in a mountainous area on the outskirts of Shenzhen, near changshen Expressway.At present, the metal curtain wall steel structure decoration has begun to take shape and is expected to be completed within this year.As the world’s largest single waste incineration power plant with the highest standard and the world’s most advanced waste incineration and power generation technology, the project will process 5,000 tons of garbage per day, handle 1.665 million tons of garbage per year, and generate about 1.2 billion KWH of electricity per year. It also has educational, tourism, office and other functions.The building is covered by a graceful steel structure with a total weight of about 20,000 tons, shaped like an inverted wine altar. There are 34 lattice columns in the middle, and the outer wall trusses form an Angle of 74 degrees with the ground.At the top is a huge 77,000 square meter steel lattice roof.The unique shape makes the project become a fantastic landscape of shenzhen’s industrial landscape.SHL Architects and Gottlieb Paludan architects have jointly designed the Shenzhen East Environmental Power Plant.A clever layout of the plant, incorporating the plant’s main equipment and ancillary functions into a simple circular structure, breaks the traditional shape of a power plant.Different from the rectangular industrial modeling of traditional power plants, the circular layout of shenzhen East Environmental Protection Power Plant minimizes the floor area of the plant and greatly reduces the earthwork area of the site.Several direct approaches were used to reflect the concept of environmental sustainability.In addition to the compact acreage and integrated landscape design, the facade of the building is designed as an open curtain wall with ventilation, rather than the closed facade common in traditional power plants.Moreover, a large number of solar photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof, and the energy generated will be used to run the plant.On the one hand, the challenge of waste disposal is increasingly serious, on the other hand, the responsibility of public science education, shenzhen East Environmental protection power Plant has been shouldering the mission since its construction.It is a new type of environmental protection power plant, but also an important support for the city’s low-carbon environmental protection.