Near the Lantern Festival, remember to eat 6 kinds of vegetables, qingchang solution greasy, meaning this year auspicious fortune

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Near the Lantern Festival, remember to eat 6 kinds of vegetables, qingchang solution greasy, meaning this year lucky luck make a fortune!A few days later is the fifteenth day of the first month, the fifteenth day is China’s traditional festival – the Lantern Festival, after the Lantern Festival, the Spring Festival is really over.On the eve of the Lantern Festival, most people eat meat dishes, always like to eat some vegetables, to solve the greasy, clear the stomach, good to meet the Lantern Festival another wave of food.This period to eat vegetables is not only rich in nutrition, the meaning is also very good, the most prominent characteristics, is that these vegetables are low-fat, high vitamin, high dietary fiber food, can eliminate excess fat, to solve greasy gastrointestinal effect, so as to maintain a slim figure.This year’s Lantern Festival has passed the start of Spring solar term, the temperature is not very low, vegetables in the garden are growing well, these usually eat vegetables, now fresh and tender season, appropriate consumption of some, can scrape oil, greasy solution.On the eve of The Lantern Festival, these vegetables have a nice name, because people like to have a good fortune in everything, especially during the Spring Festival.For example, cabbage is called wealth, shepherd’s purse is called wealth, lettuce is called wealth and so on, these vegetables delicious and have a good meaning.Eat these vegetables, the operation is very simple, most of them just a simple hot can, 5 minutes almost ready to serve.Say every festival is fat 3 catties, in this Spring Festival holiday, you are in imperceptible in, grew 56 catties easily ah, you can remember to eat some of relaxed solution greasy vegetable, ability helps you restore slender figure.These vegetables also have a good meaning, let’s take a look at which vegetables?One, cabbage.The Chinese New Year’s cabbage is called “bao CAI”, which means to bring money from all directions, symbolizing good luck and wealth.Cabbage contains a large amount of vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene and other elements, its total vitamin content is three times higher than tomato, fresh cabbage and anti-inflammatory bactericidal effect, eating cabbage can be anti-oxidation and anti-aging, as well as anti-cancer effect.Recommended dish: Main ingredients: cabbage, carrot, green pepper, onion, edible oil, salt, chicken essence.Procedure: 1. Pick and wash cabbage, carrot, green pepper and onion, and shred them for later use.2. Heat the oil in a wok. After the oil is hot, add all the ingredients and stir-fry until it is uncooked.3, add salt, chicken essence seasoning, can be out of the pot and plate.Two, rape.Rape in the New Year’s name is “you have money”, more eat more meaning.Rape is also very rich in nutrition, in addition to vitamins, its calcium content is the highest in vegetables, an adult eat 500 grams of rape A day, its calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C can meet the basic needs of the human body, often eat rape can reduce blood fat, help liver detoxification, wide bowel bowel.Recommended dishes: Main ingredients: rape, edible oil, salt, garlic, light soy sauce, sugar, chicken essence.Operation steps: 1, peel off the rape one by one, clean it, put it into boiling water and blanch it until cooked, remove it and dry it.2. Heat oil in a wok, add garlic until fragrant, add salt, light soy sauce, sugar and chicken powder and stir well.3, finally put the blanched rape into the pot, stir fry evenly, can be out of the pot.Three, shepherd’s purse.Shepherd’s purse’s nickname is “Ju CAI”, meaning the gathering of wealth.Shepherd’s purse is a wild vegetable, it is now the most tender and delicious season, shepherd’s purse in addition to contain a variety of vitamins, but also rich in protein and minerals, no special circumstances, the average person to eat, can play a very good health care effect.Recommended dishes: Main ingredients: Shepherd’s purse, egg, edible oil, salt, chives, cooking wine.Operation steps: 1, shepherd’s purse picked clean, dry water control, into the boiling water blanching cooked.Then let it cool, squeeze it out and chop it up.2, candle into the egg, put shepherd’s purse, add a little salt, chives, cooking wine, stir together.3, heat the oil in the wok, pour the oil into the egg mixture, stir fry until the egg mixture solidifies, then serve the wok.Four, leek.Leek has the meaning of “long wealth”, which means a long time, bonanza.Leek in cellulose more, eat leek can promote digestion.Leek temperature, heat preservation effect, spring to eat leek can enhance physical strength, promote blood circulation.Leek also contains volatile essential oil and sulfide and other special ingredients, eating leek helps to regulate liver qi, increase appetite, promote digestion.Recommended dishes: Main ingredients: Leek, dried bean curd, edible oil, salt, chicken essence.Operation steps: 1, first pick and wash the leek, control the dry water, cut into small sections for reserve.Shred the dried bean curd.2, the oil in the pot, hot oil into the dried bean curd, fried until golden on all sides, add leek stir-fry together.3, fry until chives broken raw, add salt and chicken essence to taste, can be out of the pot.Five, cabbage.The Chinese cabbage has the meaning of “100 wealth”, 100 wealth has the symbol of gathering wealth, the whole body of the cabbage white, and the moral of integrity, clean, but also a symbol of successive years of good harvest, good weather.As we all know, the nutrition of cabbage is rich in water and vitamins. Eating cabbage can beautify the skin, nourish the stomach, eliminate fat and lose weight. Female friends remember to eat more.Recommended dishes: Main ingredients: Cabbage, edible oil, salt, Chinese prickly ash, red pepper, scallion, ginger, garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, starch.Procedure: 1. Prepare the ingredients first.Slice the cabbage blade into thin slices. Place the cabbage blade and leaves separately.Mix salt, sugar, light soy sauce, vinegar and starch with a little water.2, heat the oil in the wok, fry the pepper first and then take it out, add the dry red pepper and fry it slightly, then add the onion, ginger and garlic and fry it until it becomes soft, add the cabbage leaves.3, stir-fry quickly until the leaves become soft, add in the starch sauce, thicken the sauce evenly, and serve out.Six, celery.Celery has the meaning of “qin CAI”, qin means diligence, ability, in the Chinese etiquette, meaning the diligent and hard work of the students, also means to get rich.The nutrition of celery is also very rich, this season, eat some celery, help to clear heat and detoxify, diuresis detumescence, flat liver hypotension, raise blood beauty.Recommended dishes: Main ingredients: celery, edible oil, salt, chives, light soy sauce, oyster sauce.Operation steps: 1, the water celery pick clean, into the water to wash several times, wash to the root white, clear water so far.2, the pot of boiling water, the water boiled celery into the pot, blanching hot, remove and cool.3. When not hot, squeeze dry and cut into small sections.Heat the oil in the wok and pour it into the bowl with scallions. Add the salt, light soy sauce and oyster sauce. Stir well and pour over the celery.Fast Lantern Festival, remember to eat these dishes, fresh season, scraping oil and greasy solution, delicious good meaning!What kind of vegetables should we eat during the Spring Festival?You are welcome to leave your comments in the comments section and share with Aixi.Thanks for reading, and the food is updated every day.Today’s share here, feel useful point a like, welcome to forward so that more people see, finally don’t forget to pay attention to, we see again tomorrow.For more highlights, follow aixi talk About Life