Guocheng new: I contracted the spring

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I contracted the Spring Festival zibo Shandong Country chengxin in the days of the Spring Festival.An old man talks about being a teenage maniac.One excited, I actually contracted the spring.So I use my feet to plow, to sow health.Make a hoe with both hands to escort health.Face to send summer to check up, see is collective exercise good, still go it alone contract strong.Then write a survey report and hang it in the blue sky.Let the crowd decide: path and direction!From 6 am to 7:10 am on the third day of the first lunar month, February 3, 2022.Guo Chengxin (1949.6 –), born in Zibo, Shandong province, was the former deputy director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Zibo city. He was a poet, writer and a member of the Communist Party of China.He is a member of poetry Research Association of old soldiers of Jinan Military Region, a member of Shandong Writers Association, a member of Chinese Native Poets Association, a member of Chinese New Literature Association, a member of Chinese Prose Association, a distinguished researcher of traditional Culture education of College of Literature and Journalism of Shandong University of Technology, and a distinguished professor of Zibo Normal College.His poems were called “glossy ganoderma” by miao Deyu, a famous Chinese poet, and his poems were presented in calligraphy by He Jingzhi.(Directed by Han Jiashui)