End 2021!Hao Yue, Yu Renrong, Zhu Yiming and other bigwigs “core” donation inventory

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Set micro network news, since 2021, 22 donations, involving 7 universities, the highest amount of 20 billion yuan, including but not limited to the establishment of universities, the establishment of funds, the construction of experimental buildings, listed enterprise stocks, teaching experiment equipment, EDA software;The donors come from academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, EE85 class of Tsinghua University (Weil Holdings, Zhao Yi Innovation), Asic Technology, Yuexin semiconductor and other enterprises……The donation has built the 2021 IC donation map for colleges and universities, providing an important supplement for the diversification of funds for colleges and universities, and laying a solid foundation for promoting the development of “industry-university-research”.On June 21, 2021, Hao Yue, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of School of Microelectronics, donated 2 million yuan to Xinyuan Science and Technology Innovation Fund (the highest Science and Technology Award of Shaanxi Province) at the donation ceremony of Xinyuan Science and Technology Innovation Fund of Xidian University.Zhang Jian, chairman of Wuxi Electronic Instrument Industry Co., LTD., an alumnus of class 78, donated 2 million yuan to xinyuan Science and Innovation Fund.Zhang Yonggang, chairman of Wuxi Shengjing Microelectronics Co., LTD., and a 1998 alumnus, donated 1 million yuan to xinyuan Science and Technology Innovation Fund.Image: xi ‘an university of electronic science and technology of the fund has been set up and the purpose is to support and encourage school of electronic information field, especially the microelectronics and integrated circuit has strategic significance in the field of basic science and applied science research and project, further advantage of xian university of electronic science and technology teaching and research, achieve electronic information characteristic of the first-class university.In recent years, the occurrence of university donation events in Tsinghua University often takes the anniversary day as an important node.On April 25, 2021, Tsinghua University celebrates its 110th anniversary.On April 12, 2021, trillion innovation Zhu Yiming chairman, vice chairman of ShuQingMing, CEO Cheng Taiyi, CTO Deng Yu, agent Hu Hong six He Wei, vice President, general manager of tsinghua alumni, set up “signs in the innovation foundation discipline construction fund”, calls disciplines talent of national culture, support for students in the field of basic conduct in-depth research,Promote the production of leading innovations.In that month, Lv Dalong and He Shan, the 1978 tsinghua alumnus, founding partner and co-chairman of Qingkong Ginkgo, donated to support the construction of the southeast building of the comprehensive experimental Building, which provided the school with both physical space and scientific research platform to carry out interdisciplinary research.As far as Tsinghua university is concerned, Lu dalong is an “old acquaintance”.Since 2011, Lu dalong has donated to Tsinghua university to establish scholarship funds and industry funds, and supported Tsinghua’s “Spark Program” and “Source of Thinking Program” to help cultivate innovative talents.In July 2021, Li Zhen and Zhang Guangping, co-founders of Suzhou Baker Microelectronics Co., LTD and alumni of the basic science class of 2004, donated to Tsinghua University to set up the Yang Zhenning Education Development Fund.Li Zhen said that suzhou Baker Microelectronics core team members are from Tsinghua university, Alma mater alumni from the beginning of the care and support.The donation is also a tribute to our Alma mater and Mr. Yang zhenning.In the future, HE will continue to lead the team and contribute to the innovation and development of China’s IC industry.In November 2021, Ansys donated a batch of industry-leading computer aided Engineering (CAE) software and design automation (EDA) software to the School of Integrated Circuits of Tsinghua University.Related to electromagnetic field, microwave, antenna, structure and fluid, optoelectronic components, chip packaging, electrothermal multi-physical field and 3D IC, SoC power noise and reliability, RTL power analysis and optimization, thermal analysis, ESD analysis, power model analysis and extraction and other application fields, can be open for subscription on the EDA platform of integrated Circuits College.It meets the teaching practice requirements of many undergraduate and graduate courses of Tsinghua University, and strongly supports the talent cultivation and scientific research work of Tsinghua University in chip design, packaging and testing, electronic system and other aspects.How much can XJTU Alumni from Chinese universities donate to their Alma mater?”Billion-dollar” donations are common, and giving shares in public companies is often refreshing.On April 8, 2021, XI ‘an Jiaotong University (XJTU) will celebrate its 125th anniversary and 65th anniversary of its relocation.Alumni Ma Jianqiu and Leng Zhenzhen donated 300,000 shares of Shanghai Weil Semiconductor Co., LTD., which reached nearly 100 million yuan, and established “Hanxi Electric Appliance Science and Education Development Fund” and “Wang Ruwen Electric Scholarship” to support the development and innovation of the electrical discipline of the Alma mater.This is the first stock donation the Xi ‘an Jiaotong University Education Foundation has received.On April 14th, Feng Bingjun, chairman of Hangzhou Ruimeng Technology Co., LTD., a 1997 alumnus of the School of Electrical Engineering of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, donated 340,000 yuan to support the project of “Ruimeng Science and Technology Education Fund”, which is used to reward master’s students and undergraduates who are excellent in character and learning in the School of Electrical Engineering and the School of Microelectronics of the Department of Telecommunications.On December 11, 2021, on the eve of the 98th anniversary of the school of Electronic Science and Engineering and the 60th anniversary of the independent establishment of the school, the school has received a total donation of 5 million US dollars and about 4.9 million yuan from its alumni and friendly units.Among them, Zhou Shungui, a 1956 alumnus and angel investor, donated $5 million to the development fund of the College;Zhou Bin, Chairman of Shenzhen Nanfang Integrated Technology Co., LTD., donated 1 million yuan;Liu Changhua, chairman of Nanchang Industrial Control Denso Co., LTD., donated 300,000 yuan, and donated 900,000 yuan to set up “South Spectrum Scholarship”.Scut welcomes donations from alumni on July 14, 2021.TCL chairman li dongsheng, new house party group chairman Liu Shilun, shenzhen excellence real estate group co., LTD., chairman, li hua, guangzhou Jin Yu industrial investment group co., LTD., chairman of Li Yongxi four alumni to donated 100 million yuan, south China university of technology is used to set up a school scholarship JiangJiao fund, help school personnel training and scientific and technological innovation.In November 2021, Yuanxin semiconductor donated another RMB 800,000 scholarship to the university to help cultivate talents in the field of microelectronics.November 17, 2021, Nanchang University, “Nanchang University-Gaoyun Semiconductor Joint Laboratory” was inaugurated. Gaoyun Semiconductor donated FPGA teaching experiment equipment with a total value of 200,000 yuan to the School of Information Engineering of Nanchang University.At this point, if we select the biggest “donation event” in the field of integrated circuits in 2021, we have to review a news reported by many media at the beginning of the year — “Yu Renrong of Weil Shares plans to donate 20 billion yuan to establish a university in Zhenhai, Ningbo, and name it Oriental University of Technology”, which has caused a lot of speculation outside the world.Photo source: “Boots landing”, Oriental Institute of Advanced Research, December 29, 2021.Ningbo city and Ningbo Yu Renrong Education Foundation signed the “Cooperative education Agreement”, the two sides will build a new research university.As the entity of the university during the preparatory period, the Oriental Institute of Advanced Technology (EIST) is responsible for the construction of a permanent campus on the north bank of The Yongjiang River in Ningbo, promoting the establishment of disciplines layout and talent recruitment.So far, with the exception of East University of Technology, which has not yet been officially established, most of the donations from universities in the field of integrated circuits in 2021 will go to “985” and “211” universities and other prestigious universities, while the purposes are generally distributed in four aspects: supporting discipline development, fund, campus construction, and industry-university-research.As Peking University, Tsinghua University and other 18 universities are included in the list of “Integrated Circuit Science and Engineering” first-level discipline doctoral degree authorization points, the state is more determined to support the construction of innovative talent training system supporting the rapid development of the integrated circuit industry.With the continuous high growth of the IC industry, relevant enterprises have put forward higher requirements in terms of talent quantity, quality and technological progress. In 2022, Chinese universities may receive more heavy support.(Proofreading/Xiao Bei)