A 95-year-old veteran of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression said his wish on his deathbed: I want to be buried in Lugou Bridge and find my old battalion commander

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“When I die, can I be buried in Marco Polo Bridge?”In 2014, Wang Dexiu, a veteran of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, told reporters his wish on his deathbed at a hospital in Shangqiu, Henan Province.”Why do you want to be buried there?” the reporter asked.Wang Dexiu, who is in his 90s, recalls what happened more than 70 years ago with tears running down his face. “I used to fight a bayonet with a small devil on Lugou Bridge, and I wanted to find an old battalion commander,” he says angrily.So, what happened to Wang Dexiu and the old battalion commander?Why are you still thinking about it at the end of your life?On the night of September 18, 1931, the Japanese Kwantung Army carefully planned to blow up the South Manchuria Railway built by Japan near Shenyang, and blamed the Chinese army. Using this as an excuse, they wantonly invaded Northeast China, and the people in northeast China were trampled under the iron foot of the Japanese army.Far in Henan Shangqiu Wang Dexiu just seventeen years old this year, his family is rich, has been a good education, with great righteousness, so after hearing this news, they want to join the army, to the northeast Anti-japanese.But the day does not meet people’s wishes, Wang Dexiu’s father dies accidentally, mother is caught seriously ill again, he serves as the eldest son in the home, have to assume the heavy responsibility of the family.Wang Dexiu’s mother knew she was dying soon. She hoped her son would get married as soon as possible and find relatives and friends to look for wang Dexiu.After getting married, Wang Dexiu did not indulge in love, he still wants to serve the motherland, as it happens kuomintang conscript team brought wang Dexiu’s hometown zhuangding, the children of other people in the village are afraid not as good as, and Wang Dexiu took the initiative to enter the team actually.With tears in her eyes, Wang dexiu’s mother took her son and refused to let him go. Wang dexiu said, “Mom, the Japanese will attack our house sooner or later. I want to protect you and more of our compatriots.”Wang Dexiu’s wife was pregnant and needed someone to take care of her, but she was very sensible and said to Wang Dexiu with red eyes, “You go!I’ll take good care of my mother.”Before leaving, Wang dexiu bowed his head to his mother and left his hometown resolutely.Later, Wang Dexiu was incorporated into the Kuomintang 29th army 31 division 219 regiment, his battalion commander Jin Zhenzhong, kind, to Wang Dexiu such recruits very care.In the new recruit training, Wang dexiu always failed to fulfill the training requirements of his instructors. He was often reprimanded, even beaten and kicked, and told, “A man like you will be the first to die on the battlefield.”Wang dexiu was very unconvinced, so he used his rest time to practice diligently. Jin Zhenzhong, seeing this, instructed him personally and encouraged him, saying, “Well done. You are the hardest working soldier I have ever led.”Under the encouragement and instruction of the battalion commander, Wang dexiu made rapid progress, and after a period of time, he became the best among the new recruits.After the training, Wang dexiu’s 29th Army was assigned to guard wanping county.To the west of Wanping county is Marco Polo Bridge. Once the Japanese army captures Marco Polo Bridge, it will cut off Beiping from the south, and then not only north China will be completely separated from the Chinese government, but also Beiping will be in danger.Therefore, before leaving for the battlefield, Battalion commander Jin Zhenzhong told them: “Defend the Lugou Bridge to the death and never become a subjugular slave!”Shouting slogans, Wang Dexiu and other soldiers rushed to Wanping county, where they were in for a bloody storm.In 1937, the Japanese army used the means in the “918 Incident” to falsely claim that a Japanese soldier was missing and to enter the City of Wanping where the Chinese garrison was stationed. This request was rejected by the commander of 219 Regiment of the 29th Army.The Japanese commander smiled slyly. What they were waiting for was a rejection from the Chinese army, so that they could use this as an excuse to launch an attack on the 29th Army.29 army commander keenly aware of the Intention of the Japanese army, he quickly made deployment to the city, Wang Dexiu 219 regiment 3 battalion is the main force to guard the Lugou Bridge.On July 8, at dawn, the Japanese launched a fierce attack on Wanping county. The Chinese garrison also showed no signs of weakness and fought back with deafening gunfire.Wang Dexiu clenched the gun in his hand, ready to fight with the enemy.Battalion commander sacrifice with jin Zhenzhong a command, Wang Dexiu holding a gun into the battle, his combat experience is not much, but it was exceptionally brave.In the roar of gunfire, Wang Dexiu deftly to the nearby enemy attack, a gun, a gun, and a gun, the Japanese fell one by one.And the opposite of the Japanese sniper also found hiding in the trenches of Wang Dexiu, he adjusted the direction, aimed at Wang Dexiu, ready to put a gun down.Jin Zhenzhong also noticed the Japanese sniper change, he shouted to Wang Dexiu: “Get down!”But in the sound of guns, Wang Dexiu did not hear Jin Zhenzhong remind, just at this juncture, Jin Zhenzhong directly wang Dexiu down, this let Wang Dexiu escaped.Two people too late to have too much communication, they continue to throw into the battle.After several hours of fierce fighting, the sky was bright and the red sun was rising slowly in the east, but there was a dead silence beside the Marco Polo Bridge. Both China and Japan were waiting for the next opportunity to attack.At this time of the 29 army, the soldiers have been scarred, Wang Dexiu was very lucky, only a little scratch, but his body was wet with blood, it is all carrying the corpse of comrades with stains.Wang Dexiu from the sadness, in order to revenge for his comrades, he has been ready to sacrifice blood, but in such a life-and-death moment, he could not help but think of the hometown of the old mother and wife, do not know how they are now, if he really died, how should they live?So Wang Dexiu went to the battalion commander and said, “Battalion commander, I still have a wife and mother at home. If I die, can you go and see them for me?”Kim grabbed him by the collar and said, “I won’t watch it for you if you live to see it.”Wang deok-soo said, Battalion commander……Before Wang Dexiu finished, Jin Zhenzhong said loudly: “Everyone bayonet, we and the small devils fight!”Wang Dexiu was the first to respond: “FIGHT with them!”Others also cheer up, Shouting “fight with them”, and quickly change bayonets, and the Japanese fight to the death.Jin Zhenzhong rushed to the front, with a bayonet and the devil launched a struggle, stabbed several devils, they were surrounded by four devils, Wang Dexiu saw and wanted to rescue, but there is a devil beside him, he put down the devil, he went to Jin Zhenzhong side.Can still go one step late, Jin Zhenzhong bayonet deeply stabbed into the back, blood spatter, he shouted “battalion commander”, while taking the bayonet to a few devil around the body chop.In the battle, his left ring finger was cut off by the Japanese bayonet, but he did not feel the pain, still with bleeding hand stab devil, until jin Zhenzhong side devil all removed.Then, Wang Dexiu helped jin Zhenzhong up in a pool of blood, Jin Zhenzhong dying said: “live well, leave me alone.”Wang Dexiu sadly said: “No, battalion commander, I will take you out, we will fight small devils together.”With his last effort, Kim broke wang’s grip and said, “I am the battalion commander. I order you to leave!”At this time, Wang Dexiu suddenly felt a sharp pain in the right rib, turned to see, a devil is holding a bayonet viciously staring at him, Wang Dexiu’s right rib was stabbed, severe pain made his eyes black, faint on the ground.Dexiu thought he would follow his battalion commander, but was miraculously rescued by support troops and taken to a hospital for treatment.Wang Dexiu woke up from the hospital, the first time to think of the battalion commander, he asked the side of his comrades: “Jin Zhenzhong battalion commander?How is he?”The comrade sadly replied, “The battalion commander is dead.”Wang Dexiu thought of the battalion commander for his care and encouragement, tears burst out of his eyes, he had not expressed his gratitude to the battalion commander, did not help him do anything, Wang Dexiu felt ashamed and sad.What made him even more regretful was that the body of the battalion commander had not been recovered and was still in Marco Polo Bridge. All this was due to the Japanese. If it were not for them, he would not have been far away from home and the battalion commander would not have died.Wang Dexiu heart ignited raging anger, he vowed to avenge the battalion commander, for thousands of Chinese revenge.With the missing of battalion commander before the recovery from hospital, Wang Dexiu returned to the army, became the machine gunner in the 77 army, his marksability is accurate, and not afraid of sacrifice, hit many Japanese devils.After eight years of hard fighting against Japan, the Japanese army was finally defeated.On August 15, 1945, The Emperor of Japan announced his unconditional surrender, ending the war. Wang dexiu and his comrades hugged and celebrated.At this time, Wang Dexiu thought that if the battalion commander could live long enough to see the Japanese driven away and peace and stability in China, he would be very happy.However, things are not as simple as he thought, Chiang Kai-shek ambitious, quickly launched a civil war, the land of China and filled the air in the middle of the smoke.Wang Dexiu was very puzzled, he did not want to put the gun toward his compatriots, but he was just an ordinary soldier, unable to control the command of the superior, he can only have their own injuries as a reason, retreat to the logistics department of the team.In 1948, the Kuomintang army in the battle with the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army gradually at a disadvantage, Wang Dexiu’s deputy commander of the 77th Army saw the situation, in the Huaihai Campaign held high the banner of the uprising, to the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army, received a warm welcome from our army, and was reorganized as the People’s Liberation Army east China Military Region reserve corps second division of the sixth Regiment.To the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army camp, Wang Dexiu thought he would be discriminated against by the People’s Liberation Army, but both commanders and ordinary soldiers treat them equally and treat them as ordinary People’s Liberation Army soldiers.At the meeting in the evening, the company commander asked wang Dexiu and others who had recently joined the team to tell about their military experience. When Wang Dexiu talked about his battle at Lugou Bridge, the PLA soldiers gave him a thumbs up. The company commander also said: “Comrade Wang Dexiu is rich in combat experience, how can he be in the logistics department?Be a guard for me in the future!”Company commander suddenly appointed Wang Dexiu was flattered, he remembered Jin Zhenzhong battalion commander, that night, he wrote in his diary: “Battalion commander, I now join the Communist party of the team, they are very good to me, I will be well to complete the task they gave me.”Wang Dexiu has strong fighting ability and is serious and responsible. Later, he was transferred to the side of the division as a guard and was loved by the division.After the liberation of China, Wang dexiu did not stay in the army. He felt he owed his family too much and decided to return to his hometown.After returning home, Wang Dexiu saw his wife, who was overjoyed and said, “You have come back!”Wang Dexiu also smiled and said, “Yes, I am back!Mom?”His wife’s smile disappeared and she said to Wang De, “My mother has passed away.”Kneeling in front of his mother’s memorial tablet, Wang dexiu said through tears, “Mother, the boy is back!”Just then, a little girl ran out and asked, “Mother, who is he?”The girl was the daughter of Wang Dexiu, who had not yet been born when wang dexiu left home.Wang dexiu’s wife said, “This is your father.”The girl said, “But I don’t know him!”Wang Dexiu touched his daughter’s head and said, “Honey, you don’t know me because your father has been away at war. But I won’t go out any more. I’ll stay at home with you and your mother.”After that, Wang worked as a schoolboy in a middle school in his hometown, earning little but enough to support his family of three.A few years later, Wang dexiu’s wife gave birth to a son and a daughter, and their life became even happier.Wang Dexiu body is becoming more and more bad, during the summer of 2014, his action is difficult, consciousness also become very fuzzy, was sent to the hospital family, just a reporter found Wang Dexiu, want to consult his lugouqiao battle, but Wang Dexiu already 95 years old, the various organs of the body have degenerated, plus hurt in battle, ears out of order,It’s a little difficult to communicate.”I have too many wishes,” he said. “I just want to be buried under the Marco Polo Bridge after I die, to meet my old comrade-in-arms, especially my old battalion commander, and tell him about the prosperity of our country. He left too early!”Wang Dexiu wang Dexiu said that he fell in tears, and all the people present were deeply infected and shed tears.It is because of tens of thousands of soldiers like Wang Dexiu, who fought bloody battles for the construction of new China, that we have a happy life at this moment. Salute to the veterans, who will always be heroes in the hearts of the people and the pride of the nation.