Year vulgar move!The fifth day of the first month, wen Qiao Wu qiao up

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East, west, North and South five in the middle of the five cattle geng spring five road through the fifth day of the New Year five continents celebrate the Chinese year of grain and abundance in the wish there are beautiful expectations of all colors of dishes there are thick Flavor of the New Year to open the market to welcome the God of wealth look forward to prosperity eat dumplings”Pinch” small mouth want to evade slanderers have a han Chinese traditional folk custom activity walking on stilts also called “on stilts” folk popular in our country become a mass feat form distinctive regional style and colour the earliest in China to introduce stilts is “the liezi said operator” as early as five hundred years BC on stilts stilts is popular activity plays a costumed strapped to her long wooden cross on his feetWearing makeup and singing and dancing in different shapes depending on who you areDifferent performance has “cross” lift up in the “wu” nothing lift heavy play and twist to make main performance go sing a simple dance movements of wu put emphasis on individual skills and methods show high jump table, pyramid stilts activities play the characters in the north have a fisherman, matchmaker, small second brother in the south of stilts activities such as the character is more drama in the role of guan gong, lu dongbin, xiangu, redMother is in the traditional folk activities such as we exercise the body balance also improves the action coordination also cultivate the unity cooperation ability has attracted a growing number of participants, the viewer, record in young children love to experience the joy of the traditional customs in game in joy upon stilts holiday at the same time we also keep in mind that degree of civilization Don’t forget to epidemic prevention seriously learning ruleGrasp the matters needing attention maintain reasonable spacing correct use of equipment wear masks watch strictly observe the requirements of epidemic prevention in the warm atmosphere of civilized safety and health pass down folk games together wen Qiao Wu Qiao step up!◈ Handan Party Secretary Zhang Weiliang, Mayor Fan Chenghua New Year message ◈ The Spring Festival has arrived, vientiane update!Handan issued to you happy New Year!◈ more than 50 pictures tell you, here is ready!Source: Chinaccivilization