The United States does not dare to prevent the return of foreign gold, American media: or will be zero U.S. debt, things have a new change

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According to the report released by the World Gold Council on January 28, in 2021, global central banks will net purchase more than 468 tons of gold, and their gold reserves will reach 35,060 tons, an increase of 82% compared with 2020. Among them, many countries from emerging markets and developed markets have increased their gold reserves, making the total gold reserves of global central banks reach the highest level in nearly 30 years.But central banks have surprised markets by buying 1,800 tonnes of gold in the past four years, the most since the dollar was decoupled from gold in 1971, and the core logic is simple.A reporter visited the vault of a British bank because, since 1971, when the United States announced the dissolution of the Bretton Woods system, gold, as a top-tier commodity, has been flowing everywhere during periods of rapid global economic expansion, but this flow is reversed when risks to co-growth between economies increase and artificial barriers are erected.At this time, gold is more likely to flow to strong economies and emerging markets as strategic economic resources., for example, according to the latest data released by the world gold association, China’s demand for gold bars and COINS in the fourth quarter of 77 tons, in 2021 China’s annual 675 tons of gold demand, an increase of 63%, according to the China gold association, according to data released on January 27, 2021, 114.58 tons of imported raw materials to produce gold, and the latest data released by the customs,China’s total gold imports in the 11 months to December were 651 tonnes, significantly higher than in 2020. For example, China’s gold imports in October were the highest since December 2019, up 123 tonnes.The figures show that at least 696 tonnes of gold, including raw gold imports from China, have arrived in the Chinese market since 2021. Since January 2022, China’s net gold import demand from overseas has again increased significantly ahead of the Lunar New Year, according to data cited by Reuters on January 30.In addition, according to Russian media quoted the Russian central bank RT on January 30, according to a new report by the end of January 28, Russia in the international asset to dollarization has reached an important milestone:, according to a report last year, the country’s central bank gold holdings for the first time more than its dollar reserves, accounted for 23% of total reserves of gold, the dollar assets fell to 22%.In response, Bloomberg reported on January 29 that central banks around the world are net selling U.S. treasuries to replace non-dollar assets such as gold as they seek to diversify their reserves. See the chart below.It is worth noting that the quartz website and Russian satellite news agency on January 29th quoted experts view the latest analysis suggests that as the U.S. yields in long-term decline, including Japan, China, Britain, Russia, Turkey, Germany, etc as main big buyers of Treasury debt global central bank is likely to sell a large amount of U.S. debt, without any warning at all exist the possibility of reset U.S. debt,A survey from the Pew Research Center reported that the debt owed by the United States to foreign countries is one of the top concerns of American respondents, with 89 percent calling it a serious problem.At the same time, many countries also want to store in the United States of gold, due to various historical reasons, there are more than 60 countries have nearly 7000 tons of gold in New York fed free avenue 33, 12 floors of a building granite building underground vault (below), and trigger a global central bank speed increased gold is the cause of the financial crisis of 2008.In this regard, according to Russian media RT on January 29, there are more and more voices and measures about digital currency or anchoring gold, oil and other strategic economic resources digital cryptocurrencies to bypass the DOLLAR. At the same time, China, the European Union, Russia and some countries are also jointly reassessing the strategic value of gold.Analysis, some emerging market countries and European countries have to restore the gold standard or euros digital currency, backed by gold, well prepared, even, just a month ago, the Dutch central bank also hinted that if a dollar crash, gold can be used as a based monetary system again, seems to be in favor of the gold standard, this is let the market accidents.For that is the sound of a Western central bank offering negative interest rate mortgages on money.In fact, this can be observed from the recent years, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Italy, France, Hungary and other more than 10 European countries announced or planned to repatriate gold in advance of the wave.Just two months ago, Poland has unexpectedly announced in a few weeks ago a secret action of the 8000 gold bar from the fed and the bank of England and other overseas vault to return home, but there is still 123.6 tons of gold left in the bank of England and the federal reserve, followed by polish officials said, has been in the arrangement of all the gold back to plan.Jim Rickards, author of the US book currency Wars, further explained that the development of gold-backed digital currencies, or digital gold wallets, will erode the dominance of the DOLLAR and end sooner than most expect.The Fed would not dare to stop investors in Countries including Germany, China, Turkey, the Netherlands, Venezuela and Russia from repatriating their gold.Because the ownership of the gold is clear, the United States will not risk its national credibility. That is, to maintain its position as the world’s major reserve of dollars, the United States will not allow its gold holdings to become unsafe and will eventually have to pay them back.So, from this point of view, only for the U.S. economy will avoid the problem of this debt is, readers also don’t have to worry about, because according to the interpretation of the Carnegie endowment for international peace institute is, by any time, the United States need to responsible for the dollar credit line, the United States has no right to also can’t avoid any debt, it is in the background,An unexpected event cropped up.According to ZeroHedge’s follow-up on January 30, representative alex Mooney, champion of the gold standard, resubmitted a proposal to the Treasury Department three weeks ago to review the gold reserves transparency act (HR2559), calling for a transparent audit of gold.Mooney also submitted a new proposal to the Federal Reserve that would restore the monetary system to a gold standard, injecting the value of gold into the issuance of dollars.(after)