Taipei mayor to lose election?Huang Shanshan: don’t give up the principle for blue green

2022-04-28 0 By

Taipei may face a three-legged race for mayor at the end of 2022. Chiang Wan-an, a legislator from the Kuomintang (KMT), is seen as the strongest candidate, while Chen Shi-chung, head of the health department of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), is also a favorite.Huang Shanshan, Taipei’s current deputy mayor, who is preparing for the year-end election, said Chen had a professional knowledge of epidemic prevention but lacked experience in urban management.As for Jiang wan ‘an, she said we all have to work hard to win voters’ approval.She also refuted “abandoning guarantees” and said, “If we don’t work hard now, we want to win the election by abandoning guarantees. How stupid are Taipei citizens to be?”According to the latest polls of Taiwan media, Jiang Wan ‘an’s support rate is about 37.4%, Chen Shizhong 31.3%, And Huang Shanshan only 18.6%. It is considered that Huang Shanshan is not likely to win, but she has the opportunity to control the overall election situation and become the biggest threat to Jiang Wan ‘an’s rise.In the future, there is more likely to be an “abandonment” effect, when Huang Shanshan is afraid of losing many votes.Huang Shanshan today (February 16) accept senior media person Huang Guangqin interview.She first analyzed that Taipei is not a traditional party-government structure, otherwise Ko would not have been re-elected.At present, The politics of Taipei city is divided into three parts. Apart from blue and green, there is also the largest non-blue and non-green zone. She thinks that if things are done well first, people will appreciate them.When asked if there will be an “abandoned election” effect in the election, she said, “If you don’t have confidence in yourself, you will feel” abandoned. “She also pointed out,” If you don’t work hard now, you will have to use “abandoned election” to win. Then what will Taipei citizens do after abandoning election?But Huang shanshan stressed that she did not refer to anyone, because it may not be the three candidates, but she used the company analogy, if there is a chief flatter but promotion, another hard work but no harvest, what is the future of the company?She also hopes that if people look down on those who are opportunistic and rely on nepotism, they can also use this method to check candidates in elections, and do not abandon principles because of blue and green.Huang shanshan stressed that everyone said to elect virtuous and able, how to forget the principle of the election?She thinks it is meaningless to look at poll numbers all day long. The key is to do our own job well, because benefiting the people is not the slogan, but people’s feelings are the main thing.As for the third place in the polls, she said the election hasn’t even begun, so shouldn’t the third place have a race?As long as the game is fair, you have to be sportsman.(Source: Lin Jing Xian, New media of The Straits Herald)