Party Committee of Juye Rural Commercial Bank strengthens branch construction to promote healthy and stable development

2022-04-28 0 By

Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yidian reporter Cheng Jianhua correspondent Tian Zhonghua Juye RURAL Commercial Bank Party Committee continues to strengthen the party building to lead the development of various work, in-depth branch construction “series of projects”, play the role of the party branch fighting fortress and the vanguard role of party members, effectively promote the development of various businesses.In the specific work, the head office party committee to strengthen the construction of the party branch, give play to the role of the party branch fighting fortress.Called on all party member to play the cutting edge exemplary leadership, implements the party + management + innovation + compliance culture construction, the internal control management, etc., to the leadership of the party carry out to specific work, play to the role of the party branch, organize party member cadre party leading the formation, the mass consciousness to catch up with, become a kind of drive, super, help, learning atmosphere, to promote the work effectively.Realize party branch tour exchange study, promote party branch construction to a higher level.In the fourth quarter of last year, we organized some party branches to exchange and study with other party branches, covering the construction of party branches and the development of business work of party branches, advanced practices of personnel management and other field exchanges and study, which effectively promoted the good work experience and practices of party branches to be popularized.To build a strong party branch construction.Strict organizational procedures, strict distribution of strong branch secretary, the establishment of a strong branch team.Establish the monthly regular meeting system of branch secretaries, and implement the compulsory examination of each meeting, so that the branch secretaries have responsibilities, so as to be worthy of the name.The branch secretary should give full play to the exemplary role in compliance operations such as behavior, business work and implementation of internal control system, such as legal and compliant code of conduct, business development first, industry management without loopholes, loan marketing first.Source: Qilu Evening News