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Friends of truck network original wechat public number: ECv360 author: Xiong Yue “Flowers are similar year after year, but people are different year after year.”The year 2021 has quietly left us in the blink of an eye.This year, the domestic commercial vehicle market has obvious changes compared with last year, which is highlighted in the following aspects: first, sales declined sharply after reaching a historical high;Second, the situation of competition shows a stronger white-hot.However, through the phenomenon to see the essence, it is not difficult to find that those long-term stable industry leader enterprises still show a strong constant strong bold posture, not only further widened the distance between the catch-up, and strong strategic determination and pace are also accelerating.They are not only confident and sonorous in the arena showing the power of China’s intelligent manufacturing, and continue to become the strong backbone of the Great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with a commanding attitude.Faster, the national enterprise that firmly holds the crown of the world’s largest heavy vehicle transmission manufacturing enterprise, is an excellent representative of it.A set of data from the industry can prove it: In 2021, FaSTER’s annual production and sales volume of heavy vehicle transmission have been ranked first in the world for 16 years, and its various business indicators have been ranked first in China’s gear industry for 19 consecutive years.As the saying goes, “Only great heroes can be themselves.There is no doubt that faster can defend and maintain the title of “overlord” in the industry for such a long period of time, and calmly “sit firmly and guide the country”, which must have a thought-provoking essential reason.”Friends of the Truck network” analysis believes that the first reason for this is faster’s super long, super strong and super thick enterprise history.Countless facts tell us that a large amount of wealth can be widely distributed, only broad view can be approximately taken.Any one of the giants of the industry can not break out of the cocoon overnight, it must go through the accumulation of mottled years, as well as the baptism of the ruthless battlefield, faster’s fame and “the king of the world” is just like this.Founded in baoji in the late 1960 s at the foot of the qinling method then, step by step, through an unyielding soul to enterprises bigger and stronger, not only battle-hardened, has created one after another magnificent legend, let numerous Chinese friends card use inexpensive high-quality products, highlights the Chinese national car brand a distinctive pattern and dignity.This heavy historical background constantly urges Fashi to forge ahead and defend honor, and inspires fashi’s confidence in “smiling and proud people”.Secondly, fast and quick market vision, fast and fierce attack and defense force, fast out of the market history cycle cycle law, has been the industry track leader.This is prominently reflected in the layout and promotion of products.As a leader in the current global economic era, Fast knows that good products are the only way to be invincible all the year round.Therefore, on the one hand, in the field of traditional commercial vehicle transmission products, FaSTER continues to work deeply to consolidate and expand the original market advantages, making it difficult for competitors to penetrate on a large scale.For example, in the traditional heavy vehicle market, Fast continues to strengthen the market share of heavy vehicle transmission, hydraulic retarder and other products, ranking first in the industry for many consecutive years.Despite the deep history, faster never stands still in the emerging commercial vehicle market, but with a quick vision, timely and quickly set up a rich product lineup to comprehensively attack the market.For example, aiming at the burgeoning AMT market, FaSTER launched The Zhihang AMT brand focusing on the heavy commercial vehicle market in September 2019, and launched the Easy AMT brand focusing on the medium, light trucks, buses and other commercial vehicle segments during the Shanghai Auto Show in April last year.For example, in view of the rising new energy market, Fast is also a heavy attack, launched a comprehensive coverage of trucks and construction machinery and other markets of diversified pure electric series and other products.Data show that fast 2021 automatic transmission and new energy products, sales growth of more than 5 times, in the new energy heavy truck market, but also occupy half of the country.The reason why Faster can be orderly and step by step in the layout of new and old products is closely related to the strategic vision of faster that dares and is good at embracing the changes of the world industrial pattern and timely using modern intelligent means to empower the industrial chain.Last year, for example, method, and they continue to look for the breakthrough point, from intelligent manufacturing core technology and equipment to upgrade more than 80 production line optimization, not only makes the key process of numerical control rate of 98%, efficient use of innovation platform and large data resources, and make the enterprise with annual output of 200000 sets of AMT, and at the same time supporting new products such as 200000 sets of retarder production capacity.Based on the flowing blood intelligent industrial chain, such method, not only in the commercial vehicle AMT craft full range, new energy and other new products are in great depth direction development, even in S transmission, automatic transmission of the ats, traditional product areas such as hydraulic retarder also made significant gains, success is not only more than 150 makers favored AT home and abroad,It has become the fixed supporting products for thousands of models and laid a solid foundation for maintaining the honor last year.Thirdly, adhering to the strategy of scientific and technological innovation and continuously investing in r&d has set the tone for faster’s perfect ending last year.”Friends of the Truck network” learned that during the “13th Five-Year plan” of the past enterprise, Faster has invested more than 3 billion yuan in r&d, and more than 95% of the core technology patents of the enterprise have been transformed into various scientific and technological achievements.Such high specification, large investment and strong passion, not only ensure that FaSTER can boldly try, in the first trial process has achieved rich innovation results, but also to ensure the stability of FAster research and development team and enthusiasm, for the continuous quality and best-selling products to do a full endorsement.Striving to adhere to the way of perfect service is also the key to faster star shine.Since last year, method and based on more than 3600 service network all over the country, and to the engineer for the gripper, on the depth of the whole service network orientation and training, from diagnostic tools are equipped with pilot training to the talents, not only a comprehensive intelligent series of products, new energy, the improvement of the traditional product service and upgrade, also in-depth on the line,Let more card users feel the benefits, convenience and efficiency of the service.We can proudly assert that in the year just past 2021, Fast is still standing at the peak of an industry era, and the king position is unshaken.Where time stops, the flames cease.Facing the future, faster will be ready for a new journey with continuous innovation.Friends of the Truck network also sincerely expects that in 2022, faster, who is stronger in Vietnam, will write new brilliant achievements and climb new heights!