Huo Siyan and her husband Du Jiang sweet photo, arms dog is very cute, no son hum out of the camera

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It’s been a long time since Huo Siyan showed off her love on her micro blog. She posted photos of her skiing with Du Jiang, and both the people and the scenery are delightful!Huo Siyan is good at eloquence, so her son is also a good hand, this time, her blessing is different: “I wish you all more” wealth “, “money” endless!”The Internet laughed.Du Jiang and Huo Siyan were among the first celebrities to visit the ski resort because of the winter Olympics in Beijing, which triggered a nationwide campaign for ice sports.Netizens thought she was pregnant when they took a closer look, but they found she was holding a puppy in her arms.Dressed in a white down jacket, with her hair hanging over her shoulders and delicate makeup, Huo siyan was in perfect shape, belying her 41 years.Huo Siyan holds the dog to keep warm and combs her ponytail, looking very amiable.Du Jiang was dressed in pink, with big eyes and a bright smile on his face.There is a five year age difference between the two, but there is no difference.How much does Huo Siyan like this dog?She has been photographed out with an expensive bag and a pet dog.Ordinary people, I’m afraid, are not willing to spend money to buy a brand bag.But generally speaking, a person who is nice to their pets will be nice to people, as huo Siyan was.Du posted a picture of Huo siyan’s birthday, along with a picture of her kissing, and his son, Ahem, blurred it.Huo Siyan posted a video of herself doing her hair and holding her pet dog in her arms on Jan 25, wishing everyone a Happy New Year.Though he finally appeared on screen after a lapse of six months, there were few shots of him.Du Jiang was just a newcomer coming out of the entertainment industry when he was chasing Huo Siyan, but Huo Siyan was on the peak of her life.Du jiang is now the best actor. He is the main source of income for the family, while Huo siyan is a good housewife.In fact, the best education parents have for their children is love!Huo Siyan really has a pair of eyes!