DNF: Weiyang Palace fire again, the most valuable skills attack jade?Version 110 has 259% attacks per person

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Version 110 is coming online, at this stage many players are considering the value of the problem, such as Shilock, Ozma equipment, all reduced to the experience of the embryonic child, the basic affirmation of value is not high, then what props are the most value?In addition to conventional magic, increase, we have to say about the exorcism of evil jade.110 version per capita 259% technical attack in 100 version, exorcism jade is very important, even with the name of “jade seal”, and then combined with its value, moving thousands of thousands, called jade seal nature is not strange, and often the higher the value of props, in fact, the more difficult to be eliminated, after all, the planning also do not want to offend the player right.Why is talisman so important?A big reason for this is that the talisman increases the player’s skill level by more!Typical example such as “reverse outcome”, a lot of people feel that wearing reverse outcome does not match a piece of technical attack jade, it is not normal play, and the reason why there is such an idea, is because the reverse outcome comes with 35% technical attack, it can be said that the technical attack jade is favored, the reverse outcome is also to a certain extent.Reverse ending 35% skill attack, has been highly praised by players, but here to tell you that 110 version of equipment, will bring more skill attack entries!Version 110 (level 105 equipment) has a very interesting point, a lot of equipment entries variety, but they all have a fixed entry, and this entry, is “skill attack”!For example, 40% skill attack is fixed for weapons, 24% skill attack is fixed for jackets, and 12% skill attack is fixed for pants. Combined with 12 pieces of equipment, a total of 259% skill attack is achieved.Search the wechat public account “Allard Tavern”, reply “105 equipment”, you can get the latest equipment introduction, to recommend you the most famous graduation collocation.That’s just street attack numbers, and the map may be as high as 6/700, although 200% is still enough for Talbot. In other words, by version 110, each player will be able to pull up all the talbot’s required attack numbers, and each piece of equipment will maximize talbot’s revenue!How much improvement does a piece of skill bring?The higher your skill attack value is, the greater the improvement you get from skill attack. In addition to the equipment itself, there are also skill attack gems, equipment extra skill attack, etc., so only a rough improvement rate can be given here.When paired with a full set of Tier 105 equipment, a 3% piece of jade improved about 7.4%, a 9% piece of jade improved about 23.6%, and a 12% piece of jade improved about 32.5%.For us ordinary players, certainly can’t afford to buy 9/12% of this high value “seal”, but bite your teeth to win a piece of 3% skill attack jade or no problem, and this piece of skill attack jade can bring more than 7% increase, has been much more than 2 platinum badges revenue.It can be seen that in version 110, jade will still maintain its value, even more so, because the equipment is constantly changing, while the talisman is unchanged, and its lifetime is much longer than that of a version of the equipment.Of course, said so much, not to recommend everyone to buy evil jade (I really not black business), but we have free time, you can go to weiyang Palace touch gold.Taking the advantage of this paragraph of time, more and more players began to pay attention to exorcise evil jade, skill attacks jade to rise in price again unexpectedly, burst out casually at this time a 3% skill attacks jade, price is in 1/200 million gold coin above, do not move brick more beautiful?Personal summary Actually all the time, tallow jade, especially the skill attack jade, the promotion rate is very considerable, the reason why not by players, the main reason is still “cold”, if the tallow jade on the first page of equipment column, and add more reputation value, I believe that there will be more players at the expense of gold, also want to win tallow jade.Ps: because the entry integration reasons, only technology attack jade price, other exorcism jade instead of price, if we are interested in also bold, and even can copy a bottom.